Friday, March 20, 2020

October 30, 2019 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea – Windy and Party Cloudy – 80sF

Slept a little better last night and got up a little later.  Perhaps, the time change was responsible.

I thought about walking some laps before breakfast but it was a little too windy on the open deck.  I did, however, take some nice pictures.

I had a nice relaxing breakfast with the same items – mini-waffle, cottage cheese, jams, and wonderful scrambled eggs.  My waiter came by often with coffee and some of the wait staff had memorized my last name – neat trick.

As I generally do, I brought down breakfast for Ellen – Broche bread, lox, cream cheese, cucumbers, and fruit.  Our cabin is very convenient relative to the Marketplace Restaurant – straight up the elevator to deck 11 and you’re there – five minutes.

Am now sitting in the Galaxy Lounge listening to Jay talking about “Pirates and Patriotism”.  Jay had a very light turnout this morning perhaps because Barbara Udell was scheduled opposite him in the Hollywood Theater.  Maybe the attendance drop off is to expected from these passengers as the cruise progresses.

I couldn’t resist having another Impossible Burger at lunch (just too good and better this time than before).  Tasty and lots of protein.

Another afternoon of relaxing and reading in Silk’s couch area – the venue doesn’t have a name so we’ll just call it the Silk couches.  The hook in “The Fallen Angel” was immediate – Gabriel Allon is retired and must be in his 60s (Ari Shamron must be in his 80s) but they are still in the game.  It’s a good book and I should finish it by the time the cruise ends.

Our kosher meals came as ordered – perfectly prepared lamb chops for Ellen and two huge polish sausages for me (I only ordered one and did not finish both of them).  The meal was delicious but we will need to take a small break from this kind of food, as good as it is.

We spent a few minutes listening to Piano Virtuoso Rogerio Tutti in the Galaxy Lounge – just not our kind of music.

We spent the rest of the evening listening to the Crystal Quartet in the Starlite Lounge or Gordon Porth or Lana Gasparyan in the Crystal Cove.

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