Thursday, March 19, 2020

June 29, 2019 – At Sea – North Sea – Enroute to Dover, UK – Partly Cloudy – 60s

It's nice sunny last sea day.

The usual breakfast – so pleased that the ship supplied sour cream (nicely wrapped in a bowl) for me every day of the cruise.  Serious attention to customers.  After breakfast, I had my last decaf iced skinny latte of the cruise and went through my final talk.  I added some details to some of the slides and changed the order of some of the slides to get a better flow.

I am back on at 11:00 AM for my last presentation – “Forensic Detectives:  The Search for Jack the Ripper”.  

One passenger told me that, because of the uncertainty of the time of the talk, she set up her beauty parlor appointment at 8:00 AM, so she wouldn’t miss it.  The theater was full – biggest audience of the cruise – 340 plus or minus.  The changes I made really improved the talk and the comment about the invention of the “sneaker” got a huge laugh and round of applause – it was supposed to be cute but not a rib tickler.  It must have been the audience.  At the end, I reviewed the previous nine talks (about 60 percent of this audience had been to all 10 talks) and ended to a hearty round of applause and even some people standing and applauding.  This lecture series was probably the most successful to date – all factors considered.

I got a picture with two of my audience members, including Diane Hunt.  They're neighbors living in Wisconsin.

We had lunch in the restaurant today because they offered a tuna melt (and the tuna salad is primo on Pacific Princess).  The sandwich did not disappoint – one of the best lunches on this cruise.

Packing took up a lot of afternoon.

Our final dinner was in the buffet but we did go down to the Dining Room to say goodbye to Anil and Mariana, our wonderful waitstaff. 

Farewell Showtime was Diane Cousin’s second show – more songs than humor this time out and a lot of interaction with the audience and band.  I still only get about 30 percent of what she says.  It was a good show to end the cruise on.

Back to the room to finish packing.  Suitcases went out around 10 PM. 

Need to get us early tomorrow as our meeting time is 7:25 AM.

Seas are smooth.

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