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November 3, 2019 – Terre-de-Haute, Guadeloupe, FWI – Mostly Sunny – 82F

Distance from Bridgetown, Barbados to Terre-de-Haute, Guadeloupe 156 Nautical Miles.

Here's where we are today.

Crystal Symphony is scheduled to be anchored in the waters of the archipelago of Isle des Les Saintes – specks of islands that are part of Guadeloupe, an overseas department of France.  The most populous of these islands is Terre-de-Haute.  We have been here before and walked the tiny town.  We are going to stay on board today for several reasons – there are no excursions offered for this port, seen it before, and it’s Sunday so very few shops will be open.  Besides, we are only here for a short time. 

I took a short walk around the deck before breakfast to get some exercise and take some pictures.


Blue skies, bright sun, and another wonderful breakfast.

We are arriving around Noon today so the morning is filled with lectures.  The advert at the Lounge finally got my name spelled right.

My third and final lecture – “Forensic Detectives: The Search for Jack the Ripper” follows Jay’s talk on the “Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle” in the Galaxy Theater (9:30 and 10:30 AM).  I had a very nice turnout again – 70 plus percent full.  A nice final round of applause and my work here is done.  I had a special guest at this talk - the aunt of a friend of ours from our time in California.

Ellen and I shared a pizza for lunch (the pizza is wonderful – light and tasty) and I made my usual run through the salad bar.  I also had a wonderful soup – zucchini vegetable soup.  A tiny lemon meringue tart rounded out the meal.

After lunch, I went out on the open decks to capture the islands of the archipelago including some panoramic shots.  As you can see, the tenders have a long way to go to reach the town which is at the end of the bay.

I am about three quarters of the way through my book – I was disappointed that the confrontation with some terrorists, a scene built up for several pages, happened off-page.  I think the details of the operations are the best part of the book but, in this case, I will have to wait for the next meet up of Allon and the bad guys.

I had another Blue Caribbean – just as good as the first one.

Tonight, we had dinner with Herb and Barbara Keyser, another speaker (on Broadway – a little like Steve; they live in San Antonio Texas but Barbara grew up in Los Angeles and went to Beverly High) and our next door neighbor – the dinner was very enjoyable and the longest one of the cruise.  Ellen ordered salmon (not on the menu but we were told that it is always available) and I had the Mahi-Mahi off the Modern Menu.  The food was good and the conversation interesting.  Prior to our getting seated, I checked with our head waiter and ordered kosher meals for tomorrow night.

We went to the 9:15 PM Show – “Crystal on Broadway – the Show”.  The show highlights “Something Rotten”, “West Side Story”, and “Rent”.   

It was late so we went to the room.

The creak is back.

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