Sunday, March 15, 2020

June 21, 2109 – At Sea – North Atlantic Ocean – Cloudy – 52F

The cloudy skies continue on this first day of Summer.  The ride is smooth despite the angry looking Atlantic Ocean.

The usual breakfast – Waffles etc.  There are lots of other things available but this breakfast has never gotten old.

My presentation today, “Extreme Forensics: Non-Human DNA Testing”

drew the usual good audience.  There were a lot of dog and cat owners in the crowd so they could identity.

I finished my book “Fractured” by Karin Slaughter.  I liked it in the end and I have two more of her books in my Kindle.  We have started alternating the Library with the Pacific Lounge for our reading venue.  The Library is dead quiet but almost two quiet and the Lounge is always hosting some event.

Tonight is Formal Night #2 so we ate in the Dining Room.  All I can remember eating was my double Cesar Salad.

We went to the next production show, “Do You Want to Dance” highlighting dances from around the world.  

Most of the dance numbers were unremarkable but the final number, the Irish Step Dance, was the show stopper.  The troupe did a great job.  We’ve seen this show on Princess Ships of various sizes and this group did a nice job of dealing with the small stage.

Clocks move forward another hour tonight putting us on Reykjavik time (5 hours ahead of Chicago).

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