Sunday, March 22, 2020

November 7, 2019 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 80F

Not much sleep last night – got up very early and waited until the Marketplace was about to open.  Did two laps around Deck 7 before having the usual breakfast for this cruise.

Am passing on both lectures this morning – I’m in Palm Court this morning finishing some old journal entries and watching the ocean.  From my vantage point, it is another beautiful day at sea.

Our last lunch in the Marketplace and Trident Grill consisted of the usual salad bar – today was Mexico Day so the choices were unusual – along with spicy tortilla soup and a tuna salad cesar wrap.  The tuna wrap was not as good a choice as the salmon cesar wrap – a clashing of flavors.  A last cone of B and J Stephen Colbert's Americone Cream ice cream finished off the lunch (my favorite flavors during this cruise have been Coffee Buzz Buzz and Chunky Monkey).

I spent the entire afternoon in the Silk Reading Room and finished, with the help of a delicious Mai Tai, “The Wrong Side of Goodbye”, which I liked; I was also keeping pace with Harry Bosch as he figured out what was going on.  I loaded “Chaos” by Patricia Cornwell on my Kindle and will try to finish it before it vaporizes and goes back to the library.

We are almost completely packed and we are carrying our luggage off in the morning, which vastly simplifies the planning process.

To avoid a slam of the Waterside Dining Room, Entertainment Staff are encouraged to eat dinner at one of the alternative dining venues.  We got reservations at Silk for 6:30 PM.  Silk is very nice with good service but the options for non-meat or non-seafood eaters is minimal – a salad, some dim sum, steamed whitefish, and fried rice.  The place is very popular but we found it quite different than the Chinese restaurants back home – the main difference being the large number of vegetable options in most Chinese restaurants back home.  We finished off our dinner in the Bistro with some coffee and desserts.

We passed on the show tonight and did some more packing.

Seas as smooth.

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