Sunday, March 15, 2020

June 19, 2019 – At Sea – North Atlantic Ocean – Foggy and Gray – 50s

Making our way across the North Atlantic Ocean.

Still foggy out there – fortunately, we do not hear the fog horn in our room – what a nightmare that would be.

Breakfast routine remains pretty much the same – the waffles are still good along with cottage cheese and the biscuits, though calorie dense and eaten in two bites, are also good.  The technical issue is getting hot coffee. The coffee from the spigots is lukewarm and the decaf is on the fritz a lot.  The coffee brought by the servers from their mobile pots is also lukewarm.  My solution to the problem is to dilute the decaf 1 to 1 with hot water to get a hot cup.

We found out from Lynn that the AV staff is down a person meaning that my talks will not be videotaped and shown throughout the day from now on.  People should notice this is the Patter and attend if they want to.  I also got a comment that the magenta type is not clearly visible on the screen so I plan to sub out much of that color for white with some embellishments.
My next talk – “Forensic Detectives: Identifying the Famous and Infamous” - is once again at 11 AM.  Another, near full house – 330 plus.  

The talk went well and went about 50 minutes.  A disembodied voice always tells everyone to vacate the theater so that rehearsals can take place.  People are slow to leave even though I tell them to meet me in the hall to chat. 
An interesting problem has emerged related to the 11 AM time slot.  When I finish, about 200 plus people head to the Panorama Buffet (and some to the Club Dining Room).  When we get up there, the place is slammed and there are no seats available anywhere in the place.  Ellen might go up there early and get a seat so we can get lunch.

I started a new book “Fractured” by Karin Slaughter.  This is the second book by her that I have tried – I read some of “Faithless” and stopped (didn’t delete it yet).  This new book centers of Will Trent, Special Agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and his partnership with Faith Mitchell, a detective for the Atlanta Police Department.  Kidnapping and murder of high school girls make up the plot but the real wrinkle is the concept of opposites – Will is a dyslexic investigator who relies on voice recorders and voice recognition tech to do his job (only his overbearing boss knows) and Faith is a newbie detective.  The book is conversation heavy but interesting.
We are doing our reading in the Library, which is essentially a cone of silence.  The chairs are not so comfortable but the tradeoff is quiet and the proximity of a men’s room.

I ordered a special entrée for tonight – Fettucine with Pesto Sauce.  Totally wonderful along with my double Cesar Salad.  The portion was huge – enough for two people.

Tomorrow we are ordering off the menu as they have options for us.
We caught a few minutes of tonight’s headliner – John Rotenilli.  He’s a very young guy – most likely a magician – that we’ve never seen before.  We watched him lift a wallet and do some fast slight of hand and decided to go upstairs and listen to the 2 Cook Duo instead.  There were only four people in attendance and I’m the only one who applauds.  A waste of talented people.
I met with the guy half of the duo and told me we like their stuff but that their set was too sort (45 minutes).
The clocks go forward another hour tonight.

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