Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wednesday September 21 – Monday September 26, 2016 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Weather – variable – cloudy, sunny, rainy - 50s

On Our Way Westbound Across the Atlantic Ocean

We’ve spoken to a lot of passengers who experienced a bumpy crossing on QM2 – We shall see.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Informal Dress

Variably cloudy today and cool – probably in the 50s.  There is little chance that this will be an open deck lounging cruise.  Yet, the seas are calm and there is some blue sky out there.  The picture below was taken through our porthole.

20160921_at sea from room (Small)

20160921_at sea (Small)20160921_at sea 1 (Small)

At Sea

First thing – ED27 is a very quiet room – no earplugs required – the bed is comfortable and big with a very plush duvet and three pillows on steroids.  The porthole in this cabin is situated in the middle of the wall so you can actually look out and see the sky.

My first breakfast at the updated buffet was very good – the various stations do not open at the same time but I worked out something with the waffle guy, who makes me a waffle before opening time.  There is cottage cheese and preserves so I am set.

I attended Dennis Molnar’s first presentation at 10:00 AM - “Two Best Allied Spies” - in Illuminations – he had a good turnout.  I stayed for Seth Gopin’s talk at 11:00 AM on “The Rise of the American Skyscraper”.  Seth lives in New York in one of those skyscrapers so he has first hand knowledge of his topic.  He’s a very interesting and very animated speaker.

We had lunch in the King’s Court Buffet – the salad bar was good.

My first presentation of this cruise - “Cold Cases Solved” – was scheduled for 3:30 PM in Illuminations – I estimated that the venue was about 95 percent full or about 530 people (based on a capacity of 560 seats).  The talk ran only 41 min. I must have really been moving through the slides (Ellen said it seemed OK).  I always have a great crowd on QM2 and this one was engaged and involved.  Cat Kennedy (Assistant Entertainment Manager) came by and introduced me as he does on the first day.

20160921_ QM2 Cold Cases 1 (Small)20160921_ QM2 Cold Cases 4 (Small)

20160921_ QM2 Cold Cases 3 (Small)20160921_QM2 Cold Cases (Small)

“Cold Cases Solved”

There were no real options for us on the Britannia menu so we had dinner in the Italian Bistro in the Lido Café – this area is very nice in the evening with tablecloths and candles.  We found a nice table with a view.  We had a Margherita Pizza and Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce – plus a Cesar Salad – the food was excellent, the service good, and the ambience peaceful.  A secret we hope stays that way.

Showtime tonight featured “Virtuosity”– three female singers from England - (Jennifer [operatic], Rebecca [thick brogue], and Samantha – the leader) – super excellent voices and a very classy act – some of the best vocalists we have ever seen on ships.

20160921_ virtuousity 1 (Small)20160921_ virtuousity 3 (Small)20160921_ virtuousity 4 (Small)20160921_ virtuousity 5 (Small)

One of their best numbers was “When You Walk Through a Storm” (sequence below).

20160921_ virtuousity when you walk thru a storm (Small)20160921_ virtuousity when you walk thru a storm 1 (Small)20160921_ virtuousity when you walk thru a storm 2 (Small)

They also performed “A Place for Us” (below).

20160921_  virtuosity a place for us (Small)


Time Change (back) number 1.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Formal Night

A little more chop today…you can really see it through the windows on Deck 3.  It looks a lot worse than it felt.

20160922_at sea 1 (Small)

20160922_at sea (Small)20160922_deck 3 forward window seats (Small)20160922_view from Deck 3 (Small)

The Sea is a little more active

I had the morning off – one of my favorite things is to work on my talks in Sir Samuels.  They make the absolute best decaf mocha skinny lattes (even better now that Cunard has an arrangement with Godiva Chocolates).  The chocolate level in the latte was at near “toxic” levels (meaning really good).  There are plugs and a view and the place is never that crowded.  Perfect.

20160922_mocha latte Sir Samuels Coffee Bar (Small)

I braved the cold and wind for a picture on Deck 7.

20160922_on windy cilly deck (Small)

There are some very interesting statues outside the King’s Court and we used them in the photoshoot below.

20160922_ outside Kings Court 2 (Small)

20160922_outside Kings Court (Small)

After lunch, at 2:15 PM we went to listed to Midge Ure (Farm Aid, Band Aid founder and trustee; I was familiar with the charities but not with him) talk about his career in the Royal Court Theater.  He is the Celebrity Speaker on this cruise.

20160922_Midge Ure (Small)

At 3:30 PM, I attended Seth Gopin’s lecture on the “Empire State Building”.  A very interesting story of architecture and politics.

We had dinner in the Britannia Dining Room – The highlight tonight was vegetarian onion soup – so good I had two bowls.  Another excellent dinner with quick service.

20160922_Veggie Onion Soup (Small)

Showtime Tonight was the Production Show – “Broadway Rocks”.

20160922_ Broadway Rocks 1 (Small)20160922_ Broadway Rocks 2 (Small)20160922_ Broadway Rocks 4 (Small)20160922_ Broadway Rocks 5 (Small)

Chorus Line – “One”

20160922_ Broadway Rocks Amerika (Small)20160922_ Broadway Rocks Amerika 1 (Small)

Westside Story – “Amerika”

20160922_ Broadway Rocks Defying Gravity (Small)

Wicked – “Defying Gravity”

20160922_ Broadway Rocks Four Seasons (Small)

Jersey Boys – “Walk Like a Man”

20160922_ Broadway Rocks No Biz like Show Biz (Small)

“There’s No Business Like Show Business”

20160922_ Broadway Rocks You Cant Stop the Beat (Small)20160922_ Broadway Rocks You Cant Stop the Beat 1 (Small)20160922_ Broadway Rocks You Cant Stop the Beat 2 (Small)20160922_ Broadway Rocks You Cant Stop the Beat 3 (Small)20160922_ Broadway Rocks You Cant Stop the Beat 5 (Small)

Hairspray – “You Can’t Stop the Beat”

After the show at 9:45 PM, we listened to a little bit of Helen Leek – Classical Pianist – in the Carinthia Lounge (formerly the Winter Garden) (below).

20160922_Helen Leek (Small)

The QM2 is a big ship and you can get a sense of that when you look at the hallway that we take to our room on the ED.

20160922_uphill on Deck toward our room (Small)

The seas remain calm…

Time Change (back) number 2


Friday, September 23, 2016

Calm Seas – intermittent rain

Another quiet night along with calm seas.

Another good breakfast up in the Lido Café – the waffles just keep coming – the oatmeal is good as well.

I attended the 10:00 AM Robert Key Lecture on Thomas Beckett.  I try but I just can’t get into this type of subject matter. 

My second talk of the cruise was scheduled right after Robert at 11:00 AM.

  20160923_Romanovs on marquee (Small)

The “Mystery of the Romanovs” – drew an SRO crowd with people standing in the aisles and in the back.  I estimated the attendance to be 600 plus (the talk ran 45 min).  This may have been my biggest turnout to date on QM2.

20160923_ Romanovs SRO and me (Small)

20160923_ Romanovs SRO 1 (Small)20160923_ Romanovs SRO 4 (Small)20160923_ Romanovs SRO 5 (Small)20160923_Romanovs SRO (Small)20160923_SRO Crowd (Small)

Standing in the back and sitting in the Aisles

After lunch, I attended the 1:30 PM Planetarium Show - “Infinity Express” – not as interesting as previous shows and I snoozed through a lot of it (if was dark, there was music, and reclining chairs – a deadly combination).

Ellen went to RADA’s production of “400 Anniversary of Shakespeare” in the theater.  She liked it.

We had dinner in the Britannia Restaurant – can’t remember what we had but I know we had good seats and it was good.

Midge Ure was the Headliner tonight in the Royal Court Theater.  I have to admit that I did not recognize a single song he performed.  We dwell in parallel music universes.

20160923_Midge Ure 1-1 (Small)20160923_Midge Ure-1 (Small)

Midge Ure Concert in the Royal Court Theater

Time change (back) number 3


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Calm Seas – Windy – Rainy

Talk number 3 -“Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” - was scheduled for 10:00 AM this morning.  People started to arrive around 9:20 AM and the theater was totally packed (sitting in the aisles and one person on the stage) – I estimated about 700 people for this talk, which eclipsed the Romanov talk as my biggest crowd yet on QM2 (the talk went 43 minutes).  BTW, the clock at the back of the theater is a brilliant idea (it keeps everyone on schedule).

20160924_ Titanic Child sitting in aisles (Small)

Look carefully and you will see a guest sitting on the stage to my right.

20160924_ Titanic Child SRO (Small)  20160924_ Titanic Child SRO 1 (Small)20160924_Titanic Child (Small)20160924_ Titanic Child in the bleachers (Small)

“The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”

Stayed for Seth Gopin’s talk on “The World Trade Center”.  Another interesting talk.

We had lunch with Steve Conrad and wife Marina in the Lido Café.  We last saw Steve and Marina seven years ago on the Pacific Princess through the Panama Canal.  We caught up a little.  (Note: check travel consolidator, “Travel with Alan”, for last minute cruise deals).

We had dinner in Britannia Restaurant – we both ordered the Sea Bass but I swapped mine for the Penne Arrabiata – also the key lime pie was good.  The coffee on this ship is excellent and the only place you can get a large glass of iced tea is in the restaurant.

Comedian/Singer – Mike Doyle – is the Headliner tonight.  He is once again a hoot (some of the same old jokes but still funny).

20160924_Mike Doyle (Small)20160924_Mike Doyle 1 (Small)

Mike Doyle Cracking Us Up

At 10:00 PM we attended a presentation by RADA – “Cunard Street” – a history of the Cunard company – nice program but a tad long in the middle.

20160924_RADA Cunard Street (Small) 

20160924_ RADA Cunard Street 1 (Small)20160924_ RADA Cunard Street 2 (Small)

Long day – back to the room.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Calms Seas – Cloudy and Raining

Formal Night

20160925_ at sea 1 (Small)20160925_ at sea thru porthole (Small)20160925_ at sea 2 (Small)

The Sea is Calm at the Moment

I have the day off today.

As is again the case, I am in Sir Samuels getting another iced mocha latte – this time, the drink came as a separate glass of ice, a little cup of espresso, and a separate cup of milk.  And the price was a couple of dollars more.  What?  After really too much discussion, I had the correct drink made (they had to be convinced by a photo I had take of the mystery drink).  (I got double charged for the drinks but straightened that out with the purser).  Sorina told me to deal with her tomorrow for the iced mocha decaf latte.

We had lunch in the Lido – lucked out today – Fish and Chips – even without the malt vinegar, the fish was good. 

20160925_lunch in Lido (Small)

Ice Sculpture in Lido at Lunch

After lunch, the seas kicked up a bit – this was most evident on Deck 3 near Illuminations.

20160925_ at sea deck 2 window 1 (Small)

20160925_at sea deck 2 window (Small)

20160925_ET  wave view (Small)20160925_ET  waves (Small)

Seas are getting a little active

Am reading the “The New and Improved Romie Futch” by Julia Elliott – lots of sciency stuff (some real and some imagined) about a diverse bunch of people involved in a clinical study aimed at increasing intelligence (via computer downloads).

We checked out the dinner menu and did not find much for us so we had dinner in the still little known and wonderful, Italian “Bistro”.  We ordered the Caprese Pizza (sauce, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, basil leaves, and extra garlic and the Pasta Oglio – spaghetti plus olive oil, garlic oil, and extra garlic.  We started off with two Cesar Salads (not too much dressing on these, plus good croutons and tasty parmesan cheese).

The meals came quickly and were delicious – I think it’s the best food on the ship.

We spent our pre-show time in both the Carinthia Lounge and in the Theater (expecting a good turnout, we sat in the second row).

The Show Tonight is the final Production Show of the cruise.  It is a new production entitled “The Rhythym of the Night” and is supposed to be all about the music of the islands.

20160925_Rhythm of the Night (Small)

20160925_ Rhythm of the Night 2 (Small)20160925_ Rhythm of the Night 3 (Small)20160925_ Rhythm of the Night 6 (Small)20160925_ Rhythm of the Night best dancer-1 (Small)20160925_ Rhythm of the Night Zorro (Small)


20160925_man of la mancha-1 (Small)

Man of La Mancha

20160925_Rhythm of the Night 1-1 (Small)20160925_ Rhythm of the Night finale (Small)


The show had some high energy dancing and some very amazing back screen animation.  Some of the songs were apocryphal but there was some “Miami Sound Machine” at the end and the solo from “Man of La Mancha”.  The show would be better with some more recognizable songs – more attuned to the Rhythm of the Night.

It was “Roaring 20s” night in the Queen’s Room tonight and we checked in to see what was going on.  Lots of people there.

Time change (back) number 4 tonight.

Seas are calm.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Seas are still calm – Mostly cloudy outside

20160926_ at sea deck 7 1 (Small)20160926_ at sea deck 7 sunset (Small)20160926_at sea (Small)20160926_at sea deck 7 (Small)20160926_view commodore room (Small)

Added some very good scrambled eggs (and two bites of a chocolate donut) to my standard WCSCJ breakfast.

Mid morning, I visited Sir Samuels for my iced mocha latte – Sorina, the barista, is a magician with coffee.  No mix-ups today.

20160926_last mocha latte of cruise (Small)

My final talk – “The Whitechapel Murders – The Search for Jack the Ripper” was scheduled for 3:30 PM.  Again, the crowd arrive early and filled the theater to SRO level.  This was a very successful series on QM2.

20160926_ Whitechapel Murders 1 (Small)20160926_ Whitechapel Murders 2 (Small)20160926_ Whitechapel Murders 5 (Small)20160926_Whitechapel Murders (Small)20160926_ Whitechapel Murders 7 (Small)

SRO Turnout for “The Whitechapel Murders”

There were even people sitting in chairs at the entrance to the theater – not sure if they were listening to me or just hanging out.

20160926_outside during Whitechapel Murders (Small)

Paul had scheduled a “Meet the Speakers” get together in the Chart Room in the afternoon.  It was, as it has been in the past, a modest turnout but I did meet some interesting folks.

20160926_meet and greet chart room (Small)

Meet the Speakers

After dinner, we went to see the “One Piano, Two Pianists” act of Worbey and Farrell.  Unique and entertaining.

20160926_Farewell Show-1 (Small)

We are all packed and planning to walk off tomorrow morning in New York. 

Seas remain calm.