Sunday, March 15, 2020

June 22, 2019 – At Sea – North Atlantic Ocean – Cloudy 52F

Another gray and cloudy day at sea - no deck time on this cruise.

Breakfast is turning out to be one of the nicest parts of the day - the Panorama Buffet is not too crowded when I get there - a peaceful first meal of the day.  I usually get a nice window seat so I can read my magazine and catch the ocean going by.

To get ready for my eighth talk of the voyage, “Forensic Detectives: Identifying America’s Fallen Heroes”, I had my iced decaf latte in the Club Bar.  There are very few changes that need to be made to this talk.

The presentation drew a full house – 330 plus - including about 10 vets, whom I asked to stand at the beginning of the session.  One vet thanks me later for recognizing the vets on board.  It is one of my favorite presentations because it really engages the audience.

I started a new book, “The First Assassin”, one of the books in the John Rain series by Barry Eisler.

We passed on the combo show featuring John Rotellini and Ollie Mulkeen and instead went upstairs to hear the 2 Cool Duo.  They had some trouble with their sound system – the backup track drowned out the singers.  Too bad, because of the songs was “Hallelujah”.

Seas continue to be smooth.

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