Monday, March 30, 2020

January 8, 2020 – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Cloudy – 68F

Another rocky night – no end in sight. At least, we are pretty sure we are sailing.

The party is over for breakfast – I was in Horizon Court at around 6:45 AM.  It was too chilly to eat in the Solarium Area because it has become a wind tunnel due to the open end at the pool area.  I had to eat inside and was treated to non-stop and not so quiet Mexican music (due to our next stop at Ensenada – a Jones port).  I sat at the last window table and today had some oatmeal (it was chilly), a pancake with the works, and a biscuit.  The music does make a difference so maybe tomorrow, I will need to wear a windbreaker to breakfast so I can sit in the Solarium.  The food was OK and the coffee refill from one of the waitresses was hot.  I brought Ellen her breakfast and was back in the room by around 7:45 AM.

I tried a new coffee this morning – an iced “white chocolate” skinny latte (because the guy in front of me ordered white chocolate and I was curious).  The drink was OK but a bit more expensive than my usual drink and much too sweet – White Chocolate is a thin liquid flavoring like vanilla.  Back to the usual tomorrow. 

I tuned up both today’s talk and some of tomorrow's talk at a window seat in Alfredo’s Pizzeria.  This place is always warm and the view again was great.  It also tends to be pretty quiet with conversation being the only background noise.

I had lunch (Ellen ate a late breakfast) in the Piazza – tuna sandwich (two tuna helping on one bun) and a green salad with Ranch and some beets on the side.  The Corn Soup, which would have been great with the tuna,  had a beef base. WHY?

My talk today – “The CSI Phenomenon: Forensics on Television” was at 12:45 PM in the Princess Theater.  

I had some reservations about this talk (it is usually the first talk of a cruise when people are recovering from jet lag and travel fatigue) but the crowd was the biggest of the cruise.  I would estimate that I had about 500 people.  Only about 10 people left early and for who knows what reason.  Everybody rooted for their favorite show and I got a nice round of applause at the end.  The talk ran about 48 minutes.  A movie was next so I had a chance to talk to a few passengers afterwards – all positive comments.

Not a whole lot to do this afternoon and it's a bit cool on the open decks, so both of us are back in the cabin – I was reading my book and now I am all caught up with the journal.  The seas are still pretty choppy out there.

We had dinner in the Michelangelo Dining Room.  HMT: Goat Cheese Tart (ET also), garden salad, mushroom soup (ET also and the soup was wonderful); potato gnocchi in tomato sauce (avoid next time – very gooey).  ET: Custom made pan fried trout without the sea food (good).  My gnocchi was subbed out for Fettuccini Alfredo (always good).  Cheesecake (good); ET: Chocolate Cake (not good). Petit Fours very good (took some to go).  I also like the palate cleansing raspberry sorbet.

There seemed to be a major scheduling mix up because the Production Show, “British Invasion”, was performed a couple of nights ago and it is scheduled again for tonight.  I am curious as to what happened.  In any event, we opted not to go to the show – we’ve seen it a few times.

After dinner, instead, we sat in the Crooners Lounge and read, etc.  Then to the room.

Clocks move forward one hour tonight.

And the for the first time this cruise, the seas are starting to become less hostile.

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