Thursday, March 26, 2020

December 13, 2019 – Georgetown, Grand Cayman – Sunny – 84F

It's a beautiful day today in the Cayman Islands.  Georgetown is a tender port and we are at anchorage today along with the Carnival Legend.

Slept much better last night – don’t know why – no iced tea of “decaf” coffee for dinner – factors?  No super noisy musical show and the accompanying sensory overload might be the biggest contributing factor.

Breakfast was not as good today for reasons that are unclear – I had pancakes, sautéed bananas, walnuts, cottage cheese, sour cream, and jams.  The scrambled eggs were not up to snuff and I didn’t finish them.

Today, passengers are tendering to Georgetown.  As much as I would like to see the spiffy tenders, the thought of the 25 minute ride each way and the long tender ride just didn’t do it.  So, we, most likely will be doing a day at sea at port.

Up to date at 9:45 AM.

NOTE: Sarah has left the ship and is being replaced by Brittany Asselin, who will be working with me on the last presentation.

We found a quieter (not quiet) place on Deck 16 that has an overhang to take care of the sun (if the angle is correct).  This place is far enough away from the Resort Deck and the pool that the sound is audible but not booming.  You can actually read there while watching the blue sea roll by.

The view from here is interesting - the Magic Carpet 

and the uphill running track 

are unique features of this ship.

A special treat in the Oceanview Café for lunch today – freshly made Fish and Chips.  I doused my two pieces of cod/and or haddock with malt vinegar and I was set – the fish was good and the fries were fresh.  It was sinful but good.  There might have been a salad in there somewhere. Dessert was a cone of cherry vanilla low fat yoghurt (probably my favorite flavor – yummy.

We were back on Deck 16 where I am about 30 percent through “Past Tense”.  The relative quiet continued. 

I went down to the room to rest up a bit and called Brittany to check on my talk tomorrow. The app indicated a 12:30 PM start time but it had the wrong talk listed.  I got Brittany on the phone and she said the app had to be refreshed and that my talk would then be correct but it was schedule for 9:15 AM.  She tried to explain the schedule change but it didn’t matter. I have been here before.

We decided that we would not get dressed up for tonight’s Evening Chic dinner.  Instead, we would get to the Oceanview Café when it opened so I could get a non-meat contaminated pasta made fresh.  I successfully ordered a garlic and pesto spaghetti that was as good as any of the pastas in the dining rooms.  Some salad accompanied the pasta for a complete and tasty dinner.

We changed into Casual and went to talk to the restaurant folks about special meals for tomorrow night – two kosher ribeye steaks. The Maitre D took the order and said the meals would be available in any of the restaurants tomorrow – we also ordered kosher carrot cake and a brownie.

The show tonight is “Raegar” – two vocalists – one from Texas (Rachael) and one from the UK (Gareth) who combine to provide an unique combination of music.  

We saw them last year on Constellation and really liked them.  The problem tonight is the hyper amping of the orchestra and the microphones.  It all came to a head when Rachael tried to keep up with the volume of the band during her rendition of “Crazy”.  She couldn’t and she resorted to screaming the lyrics, which made her lose her key and beat.  Crazy is a mellow ballad not a rock ballad.  We got through about half of their program before we had to find quieter surroundings, namely our room.

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