Wednesday, March 25, 2020

December 9, 2019 – Key West, FL – Mostly Sunny – 78F

For reasons unclear I did not get any sleep last night – I poured my own decaf so that can’t be it.

The Edge is docked right in the city of Key West. The Carnival Dream is also here today.

I went up for breakfast in the Oceanview Café at 7:00 AM and was surprised how few people were there.  The waffle guy was not even at his station.  The scrambled eggs did not look great so I had the egg guy scramble some fresh eggs for me.  I combined that with a plain pancake with CC, SC, and jams.  It was OK but not the caliber of breakfast I experienced on the last cruise.

I brought Ellen her breakfast of lox, cream cheese, cucumber, fruit, prunes. baked apple. and brioche.

She is still sleeping and I am all caught up on this journal at 8:07 AM EST.

We spent the morning in the only semi quiet spot on the ship – the Solarium.  I am continuing to read “Born a Crime” and learning a lot about Apartheid and Trevor Noah’s life in South Africa.

We ran into Captain Kate in the shops area, where she was socializing with passengers and having her picture taken by everybody.  She's a star on this ship and reminds me of Sandra Bullock.

Lunch today was in the Aqua Spa Café on Deck 14.  I tried to grab a salad in the Oceanview Café but the line was too long so I took some Romaine Lettuce from the Cesar Salad area and made do.  Along with that, a scoop of tuna and egg salad did the trick for lunch.

After lunch, we got off the ship to do a little walk around the town.  Before we got started, we got some great shots of the Celebrity Edge and the nearby marina.

We were on a quest to find a butterfly magnet at the Butterfly Conservatory.  We used maps and asked for directions but no one really knew where this place was.  

However, we did find Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe instead.  

A mini Costco where you could taste relishes of all types – based on Key West recipes.  One of the relishes tasted just like pickled herring minus the herring.  We wound up buying Chocolate Covered Key Lime Pie on a stick and eating in the beautiful garden at the shoppe.  Delicious.

And for future reference, available facilities. 

We continued looking for the Butterfly place without success.  We did find the "Memorial Sculpture Garden" 

the home of the "Wreckers" statue (the people who did salvage work on the shipwrecks in the early days of Key West) 

and the busts of famous residents such as Tennessee Williams.

After the garden we decided to check out a few more shops (for caps or magnets - no luck) before going back to the ship.  Once onboard, we got pretty good seats in the Solarium – we opened a window to clear out any excess chlorine.  About an hour later, the rains came and Key West was soaked – we could watch the passengers scramble to get back on the ship.

We stayed in the Solarium for most of the afternoon and then got ready for dinner in the Tuscan Restaurant.  Tonight is Evening Chic.

I ordered the Cesar Salad, Corn Soup, and the Orecchiette Pasta from the vegetarian menu (as it turned out, the menu was wrong and that dish was not available so I actually settled for a child’s Margherita Pizza).  The pizza was really good – much better than the last time I did this.  Ellen had the Asiago Flan, a stuffed mushroom appetizer, and the Australian Sea Bass (did not like).  The service tonight, especially drink refills, was excellent and the waiter profusely apologized for the menu mix-up.

After dinner, we went to The Club to see Mirage, an acrobatic and aerialist show.  The show is independent of the folks who do the same kinds of things for the Production Shows since Kaleidoscope was running at the same time.  There were four main performers – two guys and two girls – and they did stuff on rings, sheets, and on stationary poles.  All very talented but the music was still very amped.  The showstopper involved a huge dragon puppet.  A nice show in a smaller venue.  

We stopped by the theater to see how loud Kaleidoscope was and it didn't disappoint.  We took this picture from the back of the theater.

We tried the new act in Eden but we only stayed for a short time as the volume was higher than usual tonight.  

We wound up back in the room for some quiet time.

I am on at 9:15 AM tomorrow morning so I am going to order from Room Service (delivery at 6:30 AM) which will give me a little more time to get ready.  I am putting in some write in items so we’ll see if they can deliver those (pancakes and cottage cheese).

Seas are smooth.

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