Sunday, March 29, 2020

January 7, 2020 – The not so pacific Pacific Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 78F

Another rough night – lots of rock and roll – up several times.

Even though the clocks changed, I was still up early and finally for good at around 6:45 AM.

I had the omelet cook make me a scrambled omelet with cheddar but only ate the parts without cheese.  The rest of the breakfast was the usual and the coffee was hot. The Solarium area was a bit chilly this morning even though the air temp was probably warm.

I made reservations for dinner tonight at 5:15 PM.

I once again went through today’s presentation over an iced latter at a window table in Alfredo’s Pizzeria.  The best seats in the house in the morning for coffee - a window and plugs.  

At 11:15 AM, I set up for my talk – “Forensic Detectives: Identifying America’s Fallen Heroes”.  It was my largest turnout of the cruise – more than half full and well over 400 people.  

I recognized veterans and military personnel at the outset of the talk.  The talk went very well and there were two rounds of spontaneous applause during the session and a nice round at the end.  

We had lunch down in the International Café – I combined the tuna salad from two sandwiches into one and also had the Baked Potato Soup and Greek Salad (first appearance this cruise).

It was a bit cooler today up on Deck 15 and people were a lot chattier so it was more difficult to read.  

About the middle of the afternoon, the winds really picked up (howling in fact) and the rain started to fall. We headed for the cabin to warm up and get ready for dinner.

We got a nice table against the wall and the initial dishes came quickly – I had the tempura sushi (actually California Rolls), a garden salad with Ranch, a side order of Fettuccini Alfredo and Salmon with wilted spinach.  The problem was that the dishes all came separately making the dinner really long – we should have mentioned that we wanted the two main dishes together.  We decided not to wait for coffee and dessert and instead went to the theater to get good seats.

We found two seats up in the “Royal Box” on the starboard side of the theater (usually good seats).  The viewing is good but the tobacco smoke escaping from the Smoking Lounge nearby wafted into the theater neutralizing our fine seats.

Tonight’s Entertainer was Anne Martinez, who is a Las Vegas vocalist (currently in the Terry Bradshaw Show - really?) at the Luxor Hotel.  She is young, flashy, and animated – she has a huge mop of ironed and thick red hair and she was dressed in a wild Vegas style outfit.  

Her first two songs were "jump around the stage rock songs" and the urge to leave was strong. But her act diversified and she sang a Disney Melody, “On my Own”. “The Power of Love”, and an obscure song from Jekyll and Hyde.  She is married to a Cirque performer and had a lot of stories to tell – she was probably pretty funny but I had trouble understanding her jokes – she spoke very softly and downward.  Bottom line – she had a terrific voice, was not too loud, and really knew how to move around the stage and get into the emotions of her songs.  Besides, she is our very quiet next door neighbor.

We went back to our room, where I finished “Unseen”.  The book was so strange and confusing but in the last 20 percent, everything now made sense and the book redeemed itself.  I am now reading “Memory Man” by David Baldacci (a recommendation made by a passenger many cruises ago).

It is beginning to look like we will be rocking and rolling for the full four and half sea days enroute to Enseneda, Mexico.  Anybody taking this cruise for the first time and a little prone to the motion of the ocean will most likely not book this as a future cruise.

Seas are far from smooth.

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