Sunday, March 29, 2020

January 6, 2019 – On the Bumpy Pacific Ocean – Mostly Cloudy – 78F

The ride continues to be rough and we are using earplugs to muffle the “cannon shots” caused by waves hitting the sides of the ship. The shimmy and shudder are still pretty intense and sleeping is certainly not peaceful.

I was up in Horizon Court about 6:15 AM and had my usual quiet and good breakfast sitting in the Solarium. The sun came up before I left so I could see the ocean – it didn’t look as lumpy as you would think considering the ride. 

The middle of the ship is not really feeling it as much as both ends.  I brought Ellen her breakfast and made reservations for dinner tonight at the Michelangelo Dining Room for 5:15 PM.

I got to the theater about 8:40 AM for "Forensic Detectives: The Search for Jack the Ripper" and there were already a few people already in their seats.  Before I got started one of the guests came up to the stage and gave me some very positive feedback.  Another guests said she changed her usual wakeup time to be at the early talk.  Nice to hear things like that.

The talk went very well – I am almost completely recovered from my voice impairing bronchitis – and the attendance was pretty good considering the early hour – maybe half full.  Quality not quantity.  The talk ran 48 minutes and the AV worked perfectly.

I stopped off at Lee’s Office to give him my list of talks for the next cruise.

We basically had the whole day ahead of us and we decided that we would try the seats on Deck 15 Aft.  

There were already a lot of people there but we did find two seats and settled in.  The movement of the ship continued to be significant even though the winds were light and the sun was out.  I am nearing the midpoint of “Unseen” and I am a little disappointed in the overly complex nature of the book as well as the minimal role being played by Will Trent’s partner, Faith.  In previous books, Faith and Will made an interesting team – they are both brilliant detectives but Will’s dyslexia always plays into the story.  Not so in this book.  Still an interesting work and Karin Slaughter continues to throw out some nice dialogue and zingers.

We had a quick lunch in Horizon Court and then back up on Deck 15.  I changed seats because the ships movement combined with a not so level seat made for an interesting ride.

At 4:30 PM, we went to the cabin to get ready for dinner.  When we got to Deck 5, we noticed that the photographers were out in force and that some people were dressed.  While waiting to get seated, it hit us that tonight was formal night 2.  So back to the cabin for a quick change and then to dinner.  Tonight’s dinner choices were Spicy Tomato Soup (like gazpacho but not as thick – good; Cesar Salad; Pad Thai (different but good); Ellen had salmon on a Cesar Salad – the salmon was well done and good.  I had a nice sundae but Ellen was not happy with the Macadamia Chocolate Brownie.  The service was the best of the cruise tonight as demonstrated by my getting two cups of hot coffee.

We spent the evening in the Wheelhouse Bar listening to the Pacific Trio.  The group did a lot of easy listening dance tunes mostly in Spanish.  But the venue was comfortable for reading and just relaxing.

Clocks move forward one hour tonight as we pass out of Hawaiian Time.

The seas are anything but smooth – the cannons are out tonight.

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