Tuesday, March 24, 2020

December 3, 2019 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea – Mostly Sunny – 84F

An absolutely beautiful day at sea.

Slept a bit better last night – no earplugs might have helped.

Got my great seat up at breakfast.  When I got there, waffles had not been started yet so I opted for a raisin pancake on which I dolloped cottage cheese and sour cream.  I also added some caramelized bananas.  Along with a scoop of “Western Scrambled Eggs” (eggs with peppers) and that was breakfast.  Very good.

We are scheduled to arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico at 3:30 PM today so I have my second talk – “Forensics and History:  The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” – scheduled for 11:15 AM in the theater.

Ellen and I went up for a second breakfast – I really wanted to try the pickled herring and it was delicious.  Today, Eddy did announce the talk, which was nice.  I should mention that the talks are also advertised in the Celebrity Today program (with a nice write up) and also on the Celebrity App (free on board).  Getting the word out is probably not an issue.

I followed Eddy’s talk about art and I was a little anxious because Eddy had a tiny turnout – maybe 20 plus folks.

I started on time and the actual counted attendance was 140 people – a good increase over yesterday. 


The talk ran five minutes late but no one left and I got some great feedback afterwards and in the restaurant where we had lunch.

Today, we had lunch in the Cosmopolitan Restaurant.  Service was not up to par – a trainee waiter perhaps.  We both had the mushroom appetizer and green salads.  I tried the pasta pomidoro (not what I expected) and Ellen had an Egg and cheese Panini.

I changed clothes and we were back in Eden 

where we could not only read but also watch the sail in to San Juan.

Edge arrived a few minutes early in San Juan – while we were docking, Ellen and I went to a talk in Eden (given by my friend in Activities) on the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Rectangle.  It turns out that much of the design of Eden utilized these mathematical concepts.  They are hard to see and I will need to check this out a little more on line.

After the talk, we found a nice quiet location to read and look out at San Juan.  The gangway was closed for a while to let the NCL Encore (a huge ship – 4000 passengers and brand new) pull alongside.

Before dinner, I went out on the open deck to catch the sunset.

Dinner tonight was in the Cosmopolitan Restaurant – American Food. Ellen had the trout along with a green salad – we both had mushroom based appetizers – I really liked mine – a combination of mushroom and gnocchi in some kind of tomato sauce.  I actually ordered a Margherita Pizza off the kid’s menu.  I don’t know if kids would like this pizza – made with tomatoes (not sauce) and smothered with cheese.  I thought I would be getting pizza similar to the type up in the buffet.  This was quite different.  Ellen had apple pie a la mode and I had the carrot cake.

We went back to Eden 

because there is only one show tonight and that’s at 9:45 PM.  To get to Eden you pass by some wooden figures (don't know what they are)

and then through a dark mirrored room called "Avalon" populated by shiny human like statues - borderline scary.  The mirrors allowed me to get both of us in a picture.

Eden takes on a whole new look at night.

The group up there tonight was BSB – they seemed to be Latino and did some familiar songs.

While we were trying to read, we heard some commotion from the performance area.  A singer in a wild costume had emerged out of nowhere and was putting on a performance on the stairs.

At 9:45 PM, we went to the theater to catch Chris James – British Comedian. All I can say is that he simply wasn’t that funny and he chuckled to himself after every joke.  I felt bad for him because he was really trying.  He should have been funnier and we were really looking for a break from the shows.

We heard the ship fire up engines and 10:45 PM and we were off to our next port.

Seas are smooth.

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