Wednesday, March 18, 2020

June 27, 2019 – Torshavn, Faroe Islands – Cloudy, gloomy, chance of showers – 50sF

Note. Torshavn, which I'm sure means "Thor's Harbor", is the capital of the Faroe Islands, a Danish Overseas Territory.  The Faroes, which means “sheep islands” are island of fishermen.  The Faroes are made up of 18 islands and, while part of Denmark, have their own parliament, currency, and language (which is rarely spoken).  The islands also boast some of Europe’s worst weather with 280 wet days a year).  Torshavn has a population of around 20,000.  

Our second time here – last time we docked in Klakvik in a more remote area.  Today we are docked in the capital of the Faroe Islands.  Also, the last time we were here, the fog was so think that we couldn't even see Torshavn from a hill overlooking the city.

On our way here, we much have crossed the Arctic Circle because we picked up another certificate of crossing,

We got no tours today but Ellen got a spot of an afternoon tour “Torshavn Panorama”.

I was awakened by the announcement in the corridor that we had arrived – I am usually up a lot earlier than that.  I had my usual breakfast up in the Buffet – my personal sour cream continues to be there when I ask for it.  Now that is service.

We had lunch in the Buffet before Ellen disembarked for her 1 PM tour.  I found a plug in the Pacific Lounge so I am typing this is real time.

I am continuing to made progress on my book, “Hard Rain”.  Almost half way through this very wordy book.  I can now describe the book as an Asian version of Jack Reacher without Reacher’s kind personality (when he is not being the snot out of some bad guys).  I also found out that Keanu Reaves played John Rain in a TV Mini-Series some years back – I can see him in the role.  I might have to see if I can find it on Netflix.  Still a very interesting book.

We ate in the Club Dining Room because I had ordered Pasta Pesto and Ellen had ordered non-seafood stuffed Trout.  I have had the pesto three times, each time with a different type of pasta – no matter because it was good all three times.  You can tell that we are nearing the end of the cruise because the romaine lettuce is starting to show its age (I am still amazed that the ship can maintain its fruits and vegetables for so long).  We shared a cheese cake for dessert and I had the only hot decaf on the ship (the only other hot coffee is made with steamed milk up in the buffet at breakfast – courtesy of the barista and my waitstaff).

We attended the second show in the Cabaret Lounge tonight featuriing Piano Vocalist, Dean Stansby

He hails from the UK and looks like a teenager (actually 32 years old).  It was his first outing on Princess Cruises and he put on a very nice show and is instantly likeable.  He was more effective with his ballads than his rock numbers but overall he did a great job.  He, of course, sang “You Raise Me Up” and finished with a nice version of “The Impossible Dream”.  Based on audience reaction, he will be back on Princess again.

Still fighting my sinus infection so I opted for the cabin.

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