Sunday, March 15, 2020

June 18, 2019 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Cold, Foggy – 60s maybe

The course map shows Pacific Princess sailing due East from Halifax instead of northeast toward Iceland.  There will be a left turn somewhere in the next few days. Also, since we left Halifax, we have been in thick fog and the ship has been sounding her foghorn every minute or so day and night.

Breakfast as usual in the Panorama Buffet – having trouble finding a hot cup of decaf coffee but my waiter did yeoman duty today and found me a couple (am using hot milk to keep the coffee hot).

At 9 AM, I went to the Club Bar for my iced decaf latte and went through today’s presentation.

The fourth lecture of the cruise was “Forensics and History: The Lost Dauphin of France”.  The turnout was once again very good with just under 300 people in attendance.  There were some competing events for this morning’s session, which may have pulled a few folks away.  I also delivered my OJ Moment at the outset.  The lecture ended a bit late and I chatted with some guests in the hall (they wanted the theater vacated). 

When 300 or so people hit the lunch venues at the same time, there is a slam.  So today, as all on all days, there was no place to sit up in the Panorama Buffet.  We wandered around until someone left and got a table for two.  Salad and a tuna sandwich made up lunch today.  I tried the creamy Italian dressing and found it to be pretty good.

The Pacific Lounge is fully of activities in the afternoon, so we went to the Library instead.  We pushed some chair against the windows so we could see the water.  The ship was still moving through fog and sounding the horn.  I finished “The English Girl” – a good book but not full of spycraft and action like some of the other Daniel Silva offerings.  I started the “Golden Crystal” by Rick Thacker but had to abandon it because if was super silly and completely without any semblance of continuity.  The author tried to make it Dan Brown like but didn’t really come close.  His first book, I believe.

We had dinner in the Club Dining Room – because of our sad experience the other night – the Head Waiter came over earlier and talked to us about it - we ordered special entrees tonight.  Ellen had Lemon Sole (which came breaded and not “Colbert”) and I had Spaghetti Marina – both dishes were very good but came as huge portions.  We didn’t even come close to finishing the dishes.  We ordered some off menu items for tomorrow.

We decided to pass on “Motor City” tonight and instead listened to the country-cool sound of the 2 Cool Duo in the Pacific Lounge.  They did two requests for me “I Can’t Make You Love Me if You Don’t” and “Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue” and did a wonderful job on both.  The problem was that there were only four people in the entire lounge.

We stayed for the “Yes or No” game show run by Kim, Alex, and Lynn and then headed to the room to wind down.

The fog is still with us.

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