Tuesday, March 24, 2020

December 4, 2019 – Road Town, Tortola, BVI – Mostly Cloudy and humid – 86F

Slept OK and headed up to the Oceanview Café for my standard breakfast. Stepping out on Deck 7, I was able to see our approach to Tortola and Road Town.

Today, however, there were a lot of people up there pre-opening and my favorite seat was taken.  I found a better seat further away from the food (more coffee spilled) that worked out just fine.  My typical breakfast, my waffle+, my scrambled eggs, my coffee, and my magazine.  The chairs are very comfortable as well.

Ellen ordered a wonderful custom breakfast from Room Service – you need to order on the door card the night before because it takes about 45 minutes to get your food when you call it in.  She had a cheese and mushroom omelet (spoiled only by a little feta that snuck in) and oatmeal.

We decided to walk off the ship and see a little bit of Road Town.  Our visit was cut short by the heat and humidity (I certainly thought that this being December, the temperatures in the Caribbean would be a little more temperate). I did manage to get a picture of Celebrity Edge from the dock.  

The ship is massive and looks more like an icebreaker than a cruise ship.  It also looks like it has a hardened hull (like a true Ocean Liner).  Another distinctive feature is the bow - the bottom of the bow is further out from the ship than the top - this gives the ship a unique profile.   

We cooled off in the Oceanview Café until they opened for lunch.  I made my own Cesar Salad (which was good, or course).  I also had some tuna salad, fried rice, and veggie spring rolls (really good).  The frozen yoghurt on the ship is very good – today I had peach almond.  The ice cream café is at end of the Oceanview Café - they also have gelato (not free) but the yoghurt might be as good as the gelato.  This is also the location of the washing stations (not used as much as they need to be).

We tried to read in Eden but the music today is loud and pervasive.  We, in fact, tried several places but could not find any quiet.  So, we are in our very quiet and cool stateroom.

Dinner tonight was in the Cyprus Dining Room – Greek.  Just like all the dining rooms, the Cyprus is a beautiful venue (probably the nicest).  We had the Caprese Salad (good), I had the Taverna Salad (Greek Salad) (also good); we both liked the butternut squash hot soup.  I had a pasta dish with rigatoni, peas, mushrooms, and pecorino cheese sauce (really good – I finished the whole thing).  We shared the Cherries Jubilee dessert.  The decaf coffee tonight was excellent (it isn’t always) and our service was top flight.

We went to the Theater for the next production show, “A Hot Summer Night’s Dream”.  This was a new take on the Shakespeare classic and involved singers, dancers, acrobats, aerialists, and the orchestra.  The music was not amped up as much and we stayed for almost the whole show.  The choreography was unlike any I have seen previously on a ship . The theater AV system was able to morph the background during the performance in synch with the performance.  Quite amazing.

We listened to Florencia up in the Garden of Eden.  Her song list included only apocryphal songs but her voice is pleasant enough.  Also performing in Eden tonight were some acrobat/aerialists.  

Always something going on in The Garden.

Seas are smooth.

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