Sunday, March 22, 2020

November 5, 2019 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea – Partly Cloudy – 85F

Our second to last full sea day on the 13th day of the cruise.  An absolutely perfect day at sea.

Still not sleeping well – I always wonder if the coffee I get at dinner or at the Bistro is really decaf.  Or it could be something else.

I took two laps around the deck before having my usual breakfast.  

Still love eating breakfast and watching the ocean go by.

Today, Ellen ordered breakfast from room service – waffle (they brought three) and fried eggs (they brought two).  Heard the breakfast was delicious.

The lectures are back on today.  After getting my iced coffee from the Bistro, I sat in the back of the Galaxy Lounge and listened to Terence Smith talk about his days as a journalist – “Confessions of an Ink-Stained Wretch – A Reporter’s Notebook”.  He talked about his early days as a reporter for the NY Times and his assignment in Israel.  He was there for both the 1967 and Yom Kippur Wars. He also talked about his time as a White House correspondent and told some interesting stories about being on Air Force 2 and Walter Mondale.  It was an interesting talk.

I decided not to stay for the second talk of the morning – another presentation by Dr. Sholiton, the ophthalmologist.  Instead, I met Ellen up in the Palm Court and continued this journal and watched the sea.

I had a salad and a scoop of tuna (turned out to be a huge scoop) for lunch.  The tuna salad is really good on this ship.

I was about 10 percent into “The Wrong Side of Goodbye”, when I realized that some of the events seemed unfamiliar to me and perhaps I was a book ahead in the sequence.  I went to my online Library and checked out “The Crossing”.  I read about 10 pages of this book when I also realized that I’d already read this book.  I returned it and got back to my original book.  In this book, Harry is a volunteer detective for the San Fernando, CA PD and is taking on an private case. The afternoon was made all that more enjoyable by a delicious Pina Colada from the nearby bar.

Tonight is Formal Night 2.  Because of the large turnout in the Waterside Dining Room, entertainment personnel were encouraged to use the alternate dining options for tonight and for the last night of the cruise.  We had a reservation for Prego but it was for 8:30 PM (too late for us).  I saw that the Trident Grill stays open until 6 PM so I cancelled the Prego reservation and we went to the Grill for dinner.  

We had dinner at one of the tables in the grill proper.  I ordered a Tuna Cesar Wrap and Flour Tortilla Chips along with the super Potato Soup. Ellen got cream cheese and lox from the Bistro and we had a very quiet and relaxing dinner. 

I got a very nice picture of dusk and the pool deck.

We changed into our dress-up clothes and went to the Galaxy Lounge for the final Production Show – “Icons in Concert”.  We had never seen this show but we got a good idea what it was when the show started off with an ear-splitting electric guitar solo.  The opening number was Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.  It just seemed that the showband was really amped up for this show.  Loud shows not being our thing, we went to the Bistro for coffee and sweets and to listen to Gordon Porth.

That was the day for us.

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