Saturday, March 14, 2020

June 16, 2019 – At Sea – Cloudy – 61F

Got up early and had my usual breakfast – waffle with cottage cheese and jam, a small scrambled omelet with tomatoes and onions, and a biscuit.  I have yet to finish any of these items.

I once again went up to the Club Coffee Bar on Deck 5 (near the restaurant) for an iced skinny latte and to go over the talk for today – to try and cram the information into my head and keep it there long enough to share it at today’s presentation.

I really like my permanent time slot at 11:00 AM. Talk 3 – “Forensics and History: The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”330 plus folks.  Talk had good pace and went well.  Best so far.

For lunch today, we went to the Steakhouse on Deck 10 for the “Pub Lunch” – fish and chips and iced tea.  The fish was good.  We had a bit of a wait because the place was slammed when the group from the Cabaret Lounge came up after my talk. Cosmic.

We had dinner in the Club Dining Room.  I had ordered the Pad Thai but it was prepared with tomato sauce instead of peanut sauce and the combination of flavors was such that I didn’t like it.  Dinner was actually a double Cesar Salad, some salmon, and a single scoop sundae.

Showtime tonight was Andrew Diessner – Vocalist – we have seen him before but I will need to look him up.  We opted not to attend and instead spent the time reading.

Country Western night – watched the 2 Cool Duo and the Pac Princess Dancers and Kim dance and sing.

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