Thursday, March 12, 2020

June 14, 2019 – At Sea – Sunny – 75F

Very smooth ride so far, even though the seas look choppy.

My second talk and first real session of the series,“Forensics and History: The Mystery of the Romanovs”, 

drew a near Full House (300 plus).  

The audience was very engaged and the talk ran 50 minutes.  I am using the ships laptop with my USB drive – so much more convenient and reliable. Only one side screen is working and I am standing alongside the non-functional screen.

Today, we went to the Club Dining Room for lunch because they had gazpacho on the menu (I had two bowls).  I will need to look for gazpacho when it comes back up on the rotation.  Ellen had the sole, which was also good.

We are spending afternoons in the Pacific Lounge reading.  This is proving to be a challenge because the afternoon is loaded with activities (trivia, line dancing, and dance instruction).

The dinner routine for me is a double Cesar Salad and Salmon (unless something else shows up on the menu).  The Cesar Salad in the dining room is excellent.

Tony Daro is back for a another show and again I can almost recall all of his jokes.

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