Tuesday, March 31, 2020

January 11, 2020 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Mostly Cloudy – 54F

Another very rocky night – little, if any, sleep to be had.  Still bucking a strong oncoming wind and oncoming swells.

I was up early again and headed to breakfast in the Horizon Café.  It was a very cool morning - just around sunrise - 

but the windbreaker helped.  I decided that I would walk the length of the open deck (it's a ways as you can see here)

despite the temperature and enjoy the brisk ocean air.  The sea didn't look that choppy but you can't feel the waves on the open deck.

Even though this is our last day on this cruise, the breakfast was just as good.  I haven't tired of the same breakfast every morning.  The food's good so why experiment.  

Not working today either.  I spent my coffee time organizing the talks for the next leg of this back to back itinerary.

We had lunch in the International Café. A tuna sandwich (the tuna is always good but again I needed to use tuna from two sandwiches) and some watermelon Caprese salad did the trick.

Deck 15 Aft was too cold and One5 was too noisy so we spent a lot of time searching for a venue to read.  I started and read quite a bit of book called “In the Woods” by Tana French, whose main characters are Detectives Andy Ryan and Cassie Maddox, working in Ireland.  I feel I have read this book before but I read over a hundred pages until I was able to confirm this.  I don’t remember how it turned out and I’m not going to go and read the end again.  I didn’t delete the book so who knows.

Not sure what we did for dinner but I do know it was fast.  I also know that it was an icebox up in Horizon Court – with all the doors open and a headwind, you needed winter clothing to eat in there so I’m not sure we stayed.

While we were trying to straighten out our bill at Guest Services, the Captain came on again with a caution about the ship’s motion and to use handrails.  He said he was going to slow down to reduce the chop but that we would get to San Francisco on time.

At 6:30 PM, we saw Anne Martinez perform her second show in the Vista Lounge.  We sat in the bar area so we could see.  She did some soft ballads (“The Sweetest Thing” - her mother's favorite song) and a couple of louder upbeat songs.  She said she was in a Las Vegas Musical called “Baz”, based on Director Baz Lerman’s movies (e.g. Moulin Rouge).  She sang a song from “The Great Gatsby” that I didn’t recognize even though she said it was nominated for an Academy Award.  Enjoyable show.

We hustled – though we didn’t really need to – to the Princess Theater to catch headliner comedian, Kevin Jordan, do his early show.  I am pretty sure we saw him earlier – ex LAPD, uses a police flashlight to point people out in the audience.  He did a lot of stuff with some kids on board that was only marginally funny.  He was funny enough but I do remember him being funnier the other time we saw him.

After the show, we headed to the quiet and warmth of the room.

To my amazement, our in-transit envelopes were delivered along with my packet from Lee.

The Captain was indeed correct – the room was literally rising and falling and every fall was associated with at least two huge bangs (from waves hitting the bow).  At times, the shudder was a little scary as it was accompanied by the rise and fall and booms.  We could barely deal with the motion now – sleep would be interesting.

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