Wednesday, March 18, 2020

June 26, 2019 – At Sea - Partly Cloudy – 50F

On our way to the Faroe Islands. It's a bright sunny day but still chilly enough to keep everyone inside.

My next talk (No. 9) is at 2 PM today – confusing all of the guests, who expected the 11 AM timeslot.  On the plus side, the Panorama Buffet won't be slammed.  The AV techs have also figured out how to repeat some of my old lectures on stateroom TV.

So the morning is a little more relaxing and I have plenty of time to enjoy my decaf iced mocha latte.

We had lunch in the Panorama Buffet - the usual fare (salad and some tuna salad).  Ellen disappeared for a while during lunch today.  When I found her, she was chatting with Diane Cousins, the headliner from the other night.  She’s very funny off the stage as well.

“DNA Photofitting:  A Genetic Eyewitness” ran about 50 minutes and seemed to be appreciated by the audience.  I did some major rework on this talk over the past couple of days because I was not happy with the flow and some of the graphics.  It seemed to work better, at least for me.  Today's talk competed with the tail end of the boat building competition, always a fan favorite aboard Princess Ships.  Even so, attendance was still good – just under 300 guests.

There was still enough time after the talk to do a little reading before getting changed for dinner and the show tonight. Although it was formal night, we stayed in casual clothes and had dinner in the Buffet.

The show tonight is the final production show, “Bravo”.  The title was unfamiliar but I will need to check if we’ve seen it. It turned out to be the best show of the cruise – familiar songs done perfectly by Darrell and Krystal.  Included was “I Dreamed a Dream” sung by Krystal in both French and English.  The cast finished with “Time to Say Goodbye”.  A great show – everyone was in fine voice tonight.

We watched some trivia up in the Pacific Lounge and then we headed back to the room.  For the past day of so, I have been dealing with what has to be a sinus infection.  Hoping that augmentin will take care of it.  So I had to get off my feet.

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