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June 17, 2019 – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Sunny – 60s

A cloudy, then mostly sunny day in Halifax. From the deck, I got a nice shot of Halifax Harbor.  The ship was greeted by a bagpiper on the pier - we are docked at Pier 21.

After breakfast, we went to the theater to help Stephania (from Argentina) with the dispatch of the early tours.  After that, we got off the ship and walked along the pier area – we saw the Cunard Pavilion, where their ships dock, and the Farmer’s Market.  There were just a few stores open in the Market as we were the only ship in port today.  We walked to the end of the street where the statue of Samuel Cunard

is located and then headed back to the ship. 
We tried to get lunch as soon as the Buffet opened but it opened a bit late as the crew was busy all morning with safety drills.  I tried the Blue Cheese dressing on my salad and it was quite good. 

We are both on tour today.  Our tour – “Peggy’s Cove and Titanic” – departed the pier at 1:00 PM – a double decker bus and we had the first seats on the top right – perfect view through clean windows.  Before heading out on the highway, we had a brief city tour of Halifax(below) and also a view of George's Island Lighthouse in the harbor.

Peggy’s Cove is about a hour ride from Halifax.  Our route took us along the coast where I got great shots of the ocean and the shoreline.

At Peggy's Harbor, we spent about 40 minutes there taking pictures and checking out some stores - one notable store was "Hags on the Hill".  We did not attempt to climb up the shale to get a better shot of the lighthouse as the shale was quite slick and dangerous (our guide reminded us that some people had gotten hurt trying that).  We settled for some great distance shots.

We left Peggy's Cove for our next stop, Fairview Lawn Cemetery, which was back in Halifax.  On our way there, we passed Shag Harbor, supposedly the crash site of a UFO and Shaw's Landing (below), the site of the 1998 crash of Swiss Air 111.

At Fairview Law Cemetery

our guide told us about several of the people in the graves including the Unknown Child.  His accounts were consistent with the information I had given to the passengers in my lecture.  I took a lot of pictures at the cemetery including the graves of Alma Paulson and Body 240 and Body 281, and of course, the Unknown Titanic Child.
We got back to the ship a few minutes after the all aboard and I was the last passenger to board (a Shorex person was the actual last one to board).
We had dinner in the Club Dining Room (Salmon and Fettucine Alfredo – the fettucine was not as creamy as it used to be).  The Head Waiter came over to talk to us to see if he could help us find options for dinner – for tomorrow’s dinner, Ellen will get her favorite Lemon Sole and they will make Spaghetti Marinara for me. 

After dinner we listed to the Cruisetones for a few minutes before heading to the Lotus Spa for a massage demo.

The rest of the evening was spent in the Pacific Lounge listening to the 2 Cool Duo, who did a real nice set tonight.  I am also about 90 percent through my book, “The English Girl” and the twists keep on coming.  I sort of had it figured out but there may be another zig yet to come.

We were so comfortable that we passed on Ollie Mulkeen.  We did chat with him after his first show.

The clocks went forward one hour tonight as we begin our five day North Atlantic journey to Iceland.

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