Saturday, March 21, 2020

November 1, 2019 – At Sea – Caribbean Sea – Cloudy, Rainy – 80s

Another early morning - sleeping in is not happening.

I was out on the deck before breakfast taking some pictures of the amazing clouds and sea.  It's warm and beautiful out here today - even though, there are some storms in the area.

I got to the Marketplace Buffet a little bit before it opened to get my usual breakfast.  Even though I am all the way at the end of the restaurant, I am still able to get a window seat and a view.

As I was leaving, Jim Brochu was coming in.  I went back to tell him how much I enjoyed his show (he knows who I am) and we wound up spending a few minutes chatting about the show.  He’s a very interesting person to talk to.  He is on after me today and I told him I would warm up the crowd for him.

My second talk is scheduled for 10:00 AM today – “Forensics and History:  The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” – in the Galaxy Lounge. Still working on the spelling of my name.

When I got to the theater at 9:45 AM, my presentation was already on the screen – maybe all of the cruise lines ought to do this as it would smooth the transition between speakers.  People came in slowly – maybe too much Halloween last night – but the theater was about 70 percent full for the talk. 

Even better, only one person left and no one was sleeping.  I ended up at 10:50 AM so Jim could set up quickly.  Jim in on a tight schedule as the “Grand Gala Buffet” is schedule for the Crystal Cove for 12 Noon.

I stayed for almost all of Jim’s talk on “The Prince of Broadway” the story of Hal Prince.  I had heard this talk before also.

I picked up Ellen and we had lunch in the Marketplace (which only had one section open since everyone else was in the Grand Buffet).  We shared a pizza (delicious) and I had my usual salad (best Ranch Dressing on the high seas).  Ellen had the salmon and Eggplant Parmigiana.

After some time in the Silk area reading, we went to the Marketplace to make some earrings at a workshop run by the ship’s designer “Q”.  The class was fun – I was the only guy there – and Q was an interesting teacher.  I made a set of earing using black rings and they came out great – they are a Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical series.

The weather was so nice outside, that we walked a bit on the deck, where I got these pictures.

We went back to read – I asked the bartender if he had that blue liquor we had seen in Curacao and he did and made me a “Blue Caribbean”, which was smooth and good.  Ari would like this color as he is a fan of "blue".

I am about 40 percent through “The Fallen Angel” and the book is one of the most interesting of the series.

We pre-ordered Kosher meals due to the paucity of items available on the regular menu.  Tonight, Ellen had the ribeye steak (delicious) and I had just one knackwurst/polish sausage (also terrific).  We had our coffee up in the Bistro as it was getting pretty noisy in the restaurant.

We opted out of both shows tonight – “5, 6, 7, 8” and “Rock and Pop-A-Mania” – we’ve seen them many times before.  Instead, we went up to the Palm Court (Deck 11 Forward) to hear “Double Malt Duo” for the first time.  Two guitars, one female vocalist, heavy Brit accents – all boiling down to soft and entertaining music.  Couldn’t understand a word they were saying but the songs were familiar and well performed.  We will be seeing them again.

Seas are smooth even though the weather outside is crazy – even saw some lightning.

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