Saturday, April 4, 2020

January 20, 2020 – A Sea – Pacific Ocean – Cloudy – 84F and dropping

Grand Princess is sailing NW off the coast of Baja Mexico at 21 Knots.  But the seas are smooth – perhaps a trailing sea.  Did not have to use any earplugs last night as there was no wave noise or booms.  Again, I was up early enough to see the sunrise from both sides of the ship.

It was too cold to eat in the Solarium Dining area so I am having to endure the “screaming woman” and “screaming man” and they are now screaming in Spanish.  Breakfast was so much more peaceful when it was warmer and I was out in the Solarium.  Ellen did not want me to bring her breakfast this morning.  She will fend for herself later in Horizon Court.

I went with her to breakfast where she had some pancakes and a fried egg.  I had some oatmeal.  She is going to go the “clearance sale” at 10:00 AM and I am going to get ready for my fourth lecture at the same time.

I was just about to leave the cabin for the Theater when I got a phone call.  It was EM Lee, who indicated that he found a venue for tomorrow so I could do another lecture.  This would be in the Vista Lounge at 1:30 PM.  I said OK and he made the change to the schedule while I was still on the phone.  Because of this, I had to made some changes to today’s lecture indicating that there would be another one – I did this in a few minutes and still made it to the theater around 9:45 AM. 

“Forensic Detectives: The Search for Jack the Ripper” drew the biggest audience of the cruise – I would estimate that the theater was about 70 plus percent full or about 500 people.  

The audience was thrilled that there would another talk (otherwise, it is a long day).  The talk ran 48 minutes and I walked 145 steps during the talk (we have always wondered about that).

Lunch was in Horizon Court – I grabbed two tuna sandwiches from the International Café and brought them up and had them alongside a salad and about five French Fries.  We finished our Coke Lites that we bought in Cabo.  Makes such a difference.  We need to buy some sodas on cruises where they aren’t free and bring them on board.

After lunch, we looked for a warm place to read – we tried the couches on Deck 15 for a little while but it was too cold (stayed just long enough to get a picture). 

We wound at a window seat at Vines sipping a warm decaf mocha latte and Chai Latte (both skinny) and reading and watching the water go by.  The music in Vines had gotten to annoying levels so Ellen asked somebody to turn it down and they did. Ellen once again used the Force to get that done.

We went to the room to decide about dinner – tonight is the second and last Formal Night and I was not thrilled about getting dressed up.  While we were in the room reading and just “meditating” (what I do when I have a headache), the phone rang.  It was Guest Services telling us that our Princess Transfers were ready to pick up.  We were on a wait list for comp transfers and my expectations were low that there would be two cancellations.  Well, something did happen (the Force, again) and Ellen came back a few minutes later with our new luggage tags and two transfer to SFO (meeting time 8:45 AM). Perfect.

We went to Horizon Court to check out the “Mongolian Barbecue” (basically a stir fry station) and after checking out the offerings, decided to go to Alfredo’s Pizzeria for dinner (the only other option since we were not in formal gear). We shared a Margherita Pizza – mushrooms on half and onions and tomatoes on the other.  The pizza came out super hot and was the best of the cruise.  I had a little Greek Salad from the International Café with the pizza and that did the trick.  For dessert, we went to Horizon Court.  I picked away at my Coffee "something or other" dessert and Ellen had Pecan Pie (good) – the coffee was hot and good.

On our way to the theater, we listened briefly to our neighbors, Los Brilliantes, in the Grand Piazza

James Charles Kilduff, Jr. was the headliner tonight at 7:30 PM in the theater.  He is a 37 year old crooner from the US (we have never seen him before), whose song list included “Vintage Vegas” selections from Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, and Tony Bennett.  He was more entertainer than singer and moved around the stage constantly.  He was also clearly directing the orchestra so that the music pace matched his.  He was pleasant and entertaining.

I was still jousting with my headache so we went to the Cabin.

Seas are smooth.

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