Wednesday, April 1, 2020

January 14, 2020 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Cloudy – Cool – 54F

Global Warming – not here – still cool outside.

Slept a little better last night but I have to skip the coffee tonight – might be the culprit.

The Pacific Ocean looks a little bit more friendly this early in the morning.

Breakfast was inside Horizon Court – still too cold outside even though the quiet would have been nice.

The waffle issue has been solved and the waffles this morning were good. Only had waffles, cottage cheese, sour cream, and jams this morning along with a tablespoon of scrambled eggs. The coffee was hot and I got to read a few pages of EW this morning.  Not much to see as it was dark the whole time.  I put together a breakfast plate for Ellen and headed back to the room.

Tonight is Formal Night so I made reservations for the Michelangelo Dining Room (it will be crowded).

On Ellen’s advice (always good these last five decades), I purchased a Specialty Coffee Drink Package ($31 dollars for 15 drinks) because the barista said the card would work for my iced lattes.  We’ll be drinking coffee day and night for this cruise but the cost per drink is quite a bit lower than I paid for the last cruise.

The ship is refurbing or repairing the seating area near the Coffee Bar so seating is at a premium.  That area has been blocked off by temporary walls.

In the Pizzeria now and just finished going over my talk for today.

"Forensics and History: The Search for the Unknown Titanic Child" 

is scheduled to follow a talk on Shore Excursions today at 11:00 AM in the Princess Theater.  Another good crowd – somewhat larger than yesterday.  For some reason, the talk ran 58 minutes or 10 minutes longer than on the previous cruise.  Don’t know why.  In any event, only three or four people left to go to another event and the crowd seemed to appreciate the talk.

We had lunch in the Da Vinci Dining Room because they featured Ellen’s favorite dish – pan fried sole.  They also featured one of my favorite items – gazpacho – and, of course, I had two bowls.  Along with the salad, I once again tried the veggie burger, which, was once again, mashed potatoes with veggies fried (kind of).  The Maitre D’ – Ms. Ionica came by and asked about our meals and I gave her my opinion on the veggie burgers on Princess.  I told her that other cruise lines offered real veggie burgers.  She listened and wrote something down but we told her we were guest entertainers and didn’t want to log an official criticism.  She understood.  Maybe she will take some steps to banish the faux veggie burger.

It was warm enough to sit on the couches on Deck 15 Aft – I am making good progress on “The Last Mile” (Book Two in the Memory Man series by David Baldacci).  The story is all over the place and Amos has had no need to use his perfect memory superpower much but the detective work is interesting and he is now working with a team at the FBI.

I went out on Deck 7 to take a picture of a very nice sunset.

Tonight is formal night, but we opted to eat in the buffet.  There wasn’t much there but we talked to the chef and he made us some pasta pesto without the chicken.  The pasta was a little light on the sauce but it was OK.

We once again saw “Stardust” in the Theater – we went primarily to see the new cast, which came on board in San Francisco.  There were high and low points in the performance, which will no doubt improve as time goes by.

We went to the room to unwind.

The clocks move forward one hour tonight putting us on CST.

Seas are perfectly smooth and the room is not creaking.  Might not need earplugs tonight.

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