Friday, April 17, 2020

February 26, 2020 – At Sea – Gulf of Mexico – Cloudy – 60sF

A cloudy gray day in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lots of whitecaps but the ship is smooth.

Not working today – got a message late yesterday from Will.

I had a nice breakfast in the Oceanview Café – not very crowded today.  Waffles and fixings plus scrambled eggs.

Ellen got up late and had breakfast in the Aqua Spa Café – I joined her and had a bowl of cornflakes/Special K plus strawberries and blueberries – pretty good.

The morning was spent in the Solarium – everyone is indoors due to the weather so the Solarium and all public places are crowded.  I am back to reading “The Last Widow” and am making good progress.

We shook things up at lunch by going to the Opus Dining Room – I had the cold potato soup (good), salad with avocados and cucumbers (OK).  When my veggie burger arrived, I knew right away that it was a real hamburger.  My waitress confirmed this and said she would get a veggie burger right away.  She came back and said they were out of them.  I couldn’t think of anything else I might want so we left and I wound up having two slices of pizza in the Solarium as there were no seats in either the Oceanview Café or the Aqua Spa Café. 

We went to see Tom Franek at this Matinee Show (he had a full house) – he was in bright yellow today and did some of the same stuff he did the other night.  Still, a great show.

Back in the room now for some quiet before dinner.

Dinner was in the Oceanview Café – I had some potato soup (good) along with my usual Pasta Pesto (also good but becoming a habit).  Not many other choices for me besides pizza - I don't really care for the fish on the buffet.

Tonight’s entertainer was Domenick Allen, singer guitarist clarinet and sax player.  He has worked with the big boys – Frank Sinatra and Liberace – and toured with Foreigner.  He was energetic and had a good enough voice but the electric guitar eventually drove us from the theater. 

When I got to the room, I saw that my talk tomorrow would not be at 1:15 PM (as indicated on the app) but at 9:00 AM.  This would be a change of schedule for tomorrow morning.

To complicate matters, the clocks are moved forward this evening to put us on EST.

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