Thursday, April 2, 2020

January 16, 2020 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Mostly Sunny, Humid – warm – 78F

Managed to get some sleep, somehow.  Making some headway in the sleep deficit issue.

Even though this is a big excursion day (we are not going out as we have been here and seen the sights a few times), Horizon Court is busy but manageable.  I even got a scrambled omelet made when I saw there was no one in line.  They use pagers to let you know your omelet is ready, a nice workable system.  I also had my usual waffle combination and a biscuit – I am expecting to burn off some of this food today.

We are docked at the pier next to the brand new terminal (one year old we were told) and not the next pier over, our usual berth.  

So when you exit the ship and go through the new shops – the obligatory Diamonds International, a really nice restaurant, and a chocolate shop – you are right across the street from a U-shaped mall, the vendors and the spa we visit when we are in town.

I had texted the spa and made appointments for us at 10 AM.  We got there a little early and waited about 15 minutes for them to open.  Marta, the owner, is still there although every time I see her, she seems like a different person (I'm good with faces, so I wonder). She confirmed it was her, even though she spoke more Spanish to me than usual.  Ellen had a tech named Carmen.  We both had nice massages ($30 for an hour) and they really appreciated the tips.  In fact, we liked the sessions so much we made appointments at 4 PM (as it is such a short walk from the ship and the ship is not departing until 7:30 PM).

We had lunch in Horizon Court – I had pizza from Slice (not fresh, not good) and a salad.  It will do the trick until dinner.

We had originally planned to talk the bus to the Malecon but, after checking the temperature and humidity, decided to stay on the ship.  We wound up reading on the back deck near the railing on lounge chairs – very comfortable and nice and with a great view of the Bay of Banderas and the luxury condos across the inlet.  

We also noticed that the party boats didn’t start their runs until after lunch and that the Mexican Navy dispatched two ships – a cutter and cruiser – to stand watch in the Bay and to keep boats and ships away from Grand Princess.

I am making progress on the “English Spy” but I also spent some time catching up with the news back home (wish I hadn’t).  At least, we are not at war and the Stock Market has not crashed.

We sat on the deck in the shade and with a nice breeze until 3:45 PM, when I left the ship for my second appointment.  Another nice session with Marta and she told me to text her the next time we are in Puerto Vallarta for an appointment.  The two sessions in one day are a rare event which probably won't be repeated.  The next time we are here, we should try to get an excursion for at least part of the day.

After showering off the layers of oil, we went to dinner in the Michelangelo Dining Room – two cups of gazpacho, Cesar Salad, and Tilapia – apple strudel a la mode and two cups of coffee.  Ellen had the Tilapia also.  Everything on the dinner tonight was good.

We passed on the Folkloric Show tonight and the Blues Brothers Tribute – just not our thing.

The rest of the evening was spent reading in a quiet and act-less Crooners Lounge.  Silence is golden.

Good day for walking as the pedometer spit out 9550 steps.

We had good seats for the sail out – the path to the open sea was short as the ship was docked at the pier closest to the breakwater.  Still, the views of the condos against a clear blue sky was great.

Seas are smooth.

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