Friday, April 3, 2020

January 19, 2020 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Clear Skies – 84F

The night started off bumpy but smooth out in the early hours of the morning.

At around 6:15 AM, the “horn” sounded (I think it was a horn or maybe a port opening), the thrusters engaged soon followed by the dropping of the anchor.  We had found our spot in Cabo Bay.  We have plenty of company today – also anchored are the Crystal Serenity and the Regent Seven Seas Mariner.  This would be the first time we have run into these two luxury ships here in Cabo.  The Captain said the NCL Joy would also be here today so Cabo will be swarming with touristas today.

It is a picture perfect day in Cabo San Lucas, one of my favorite ports.

I was up on Deck 7 before dawn and got pictures of the Serenity, Cabo, and the sunrise.

I had a nice breakfast in the Solarium seating area – as a change up, I tried and liked the French Toast (it was just freshly made).  I got Ellen her breakfast and we will be getting ready to go in a little while.  We will need to get our tender tickets to get ashore.

Around 9:30 AM, we went down to the Michelangelo Dining Room and got Ticket 32 for the water shuttles (as they called them today).  They were on #29 and calling a shuttle every 10 minutes so it would be quite a wait.  But, as soon as we got seated, an announcement was made that all tickets up to #32 could proceed to the gangway for the water shuttles.  We boarded, with some difficulty due to the moving seas, a shuttle operated by Cabo Shuttles (so not our tenders) – a vessel so unlike our survival craft.  

No matter, for in a few minutes were in Cabo San Lucas.  

Our goal today, as it is usually in Cabo, is to find an inexpensive spa for some pampering.

There were a lot of folks here today so the walkways around the marina were packed with people.  

After taking a picture of Ellen and the marlin (I couldn't see what I was shooting because of the sun),

we took a shortcut through a hotel to reach the street behind the main street.  After a couple of false starts with some spas – the ones near the marina were asking $40 for an hour massage and the others ($30 an hour) only had one person working so we would have to do them back to back (too long). We got back on the major street behind the hotel and marina and within a few minutes, we noticed a sign advertising a promotion - $25 an hour including hot stones and aromatherapy.  The salon (I think they also did nails and such) was called “Julia’s Spa” and it was basically across the street from the Cabo Casino. 

We walked up some steep stairs and it turned out that they had two therapists available.  Our massages were both very good.  Mine was like an athletic massage – concentrating on muscles and tight areas.  The woman I had most certainly was trained based on her technique.  The hot stones were a nice touch as was the aromatherapy.  The session ran the full 60 minutes. This spa is certainly an option the next time we visit Cabo but we will also be looking for even better bargains a little further away from town.

We browsed through some of the souvenir shops on the way back and could not find anything that we wanted.  We did, however, buy two huge Coke Lites (600 mL) for $1 each.  We took them back and would be drinking them over the next day or so.

We walked back to the tender port and were right on time for the next tender – I sat on the top deck to try and get some pictures.  The ride back took a little longer due to the amount of boat traffic leaving the harbor.  All four cruise ships were running tenders and along with the party and fishing boats, there was a lot of traffic.

Once back on the ship, we had lunch in Horizon Court – a salad, half a tuna sandwich, and some Asian noodles (along with our cokes).

We found some seats on the port side of Deck 7 that had good views and stayed there for a while.  

This gave us a good view of El Arco as the ship rotated around the anchor.

I also bought another Iced Mocha Skinny Latte and a Skinny Chai Latte – we now have six drinks left on our package.  When it got a bit warm on deck as the sun caught up to us, I finished my latte on the couches on Deck 7 next to the Explorers Lounge.

I captured the sail away from Deck 7.

We are now in the room resting up for dinner.

We have logged 8317 steps so far today.

Dinner was in the Michelangelo Dining Room (got a good table despite having no reservations).  I had a Cesar Salad and the wonderful Mushroom Soup.  For an entrée, I asked the chef to make me some spaghetti with tomato sauce (turned out to be wonderful and ate the whole thing).  Ellen had the trout without the seafood (very good) and a Cesar Salad and Mushroom Soup.  They gave us some Petit Fours, some of which we took back to the room.

We passed on the Finals of the Voice of the Ocean and tried to find a quiet place to read.  I started “Dark Notice” by Patricia Cornwell but I think I already read this book.  I am now reading “Assassin’s Game” by Ward Larsen.  I read an earlier book of his – his main character is David Slaton, a Kidon, or assassin for Mossad.  This book is about the Iranian Nuclear Program and so it is very current and topical.

Could not find a quiet place so we went to the Cabin.

There was something new when we got to the cabin.  After almost three weeks on this ship, I finally got a room tag.

The sea is really smooth.

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