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Tuesday, December 29, 2015 – Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, NA – Sunny – 80sF

Another nice day in the islands…

There aren’t as many ships here today so we can get a rare view of Phillipsburg’s Great Bay from the ship – Normally, there would a ship there (one will show up later).

20151229_ Philipsburg Great Bay from ship 1 (Small)

20151229_Philipsburg Great Bay from ship (Small)

Ellen is in the picture below – can you spot her?

20151229_QM2 Docked ET in pic (Small)

QM2 Docked in Philipsburg

As we generally do, we will take the water taxi from the port area to the town – while it does cost $7, it saves us from having to walk a couple of miles to the town.

20151229_water taxi to town (Small)

On the Water Taxi

We are planning to visit our favorite Spa in town for some pampering today and then walk about the town for a bit.  For the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Philipsburg is busy abounding in tourists.

From the water taxi pier, we can see the QM3 and our new neighbor, the NCL Gem.

20151229_QM2 NCL Gem (Small)

The Queen and her Gem

The beach and boardwalk at Philipsburg were very warm and scenic today.

20151229_philipsburg beach (Small)20151229_philipsburg boardwalk (Small)

20151229_ philipsburg beach 1 (Small)

We got back to the ship in time for a late lunch.  After lunch, it was out on the open deck to be entertained by the NCL Gem.  We were not too unhappy when the Gem left in the early afternoon.

20151229_NCL Gem departing (Small)

NCL Gem Departing

Another beautiful sunset capped off a beautiful day in the Caribbean.

20151229_Sunset (Small)

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