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Queen Mary 2 – Festive Caribbean Cruise –December 22 , 2015 – January 3, 2016 – Round Trip, Brooklyn, NY

December 21, 2015 – Travel Day

The first day of Winter

We have to get up a little earlier today for our trip to New York because our flight is due to leave at 10:12 AM.  The weather is not terrific but it is not snowing so that will help.

The taxi arrived on time at 7:45 AM and the ride to the airport did not involve dealing with traffic (even though it was a Monday).  We checked in at the American counter and they took care of our bags.  We both had TSA PreChek so the trip through security was a breeze.

We had a little time to settle in before boarding and the good news was our plane sitting at the gate loading up.

20151221_AA380  ORD - LGA (Small)

AA380 Prepping for Departure

We boarded on time and departure pretty close to schedule.  While the skies looked ominous, the flight was uneventful. 

20151221_Climbout ORD (Small)

Climb Out ORD

It was a short flight to LGA and we did not have to hold for air traffic control.  It was a gray day but I could still get some shots of the final approach to La Guardia.

20151221_ Final approach LGA 1-1 (Small)

20151221_ Final approach LGA 2-1 (Small)

Final Approach – LGA

The Hotel Luxe, our hotel, is located not too far from the airport in Crown Heights.  We had no choice but to take a cab.  As we drove through the neighborhood, it became clear that our options for dinner may be limited.  We did get to the hotel, which is squeezed between two other buildings.

The woman at the desk was very friendly and checked us in quickly and we were on our way to Room 507.  As you can see, the bed is decked out in very patriotic colors.  The room had some deferred maintenance issues but it seemed OK.  There was no real view out of the window – just apartments and homes.

20151221_ Hotel Luxe Room 507 a (Small)20151221_Hotel Luxe Room 507 (Small)

Room 507

20151222_rainy again (Small)_thumb

The View from Room 507

It was still early so we decided to take a short walk around the neighborhood to check out possibilities for dinner.  It was pretty obvious after a few blocks that we were not going to be eating out tonight.  We did stop at a bodega at the gas station across from the hotel to get some water. 

We wound up eating instant oatmeal for dinner – we found the stash in the breakfast room in the basement of the hotel.  We needed hot water so we tried using the coffee maker in the room.  The one we had was inoperable so the desk sent us another and then another – the last one did work and we were able to get the water for the cereal.  We will not be able to recommend this hotel following this stay.

There was some noise out in the hall during the early evening hours.  We are hoping that the place will miraculously turn quiet over night and we will be able to get some sleep.

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