Monday, May 2, 2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean - Partly Cloudy – 50s

Our last day on board QM2.

My final presentation was scheduled for 10 AM in the Illuminations theater so I had little time to go over the talk beforehand. 

The turnout for “The Whitechapel Murders” was back up to 90 percent or about 450 guests.  All in all, a very successful lecture series on this cruise.

While I was speaking, Ellen was in line getting Captain Christopher Wells’ autograph on our souvenir Cunard Book.

20160102_110719 (Small)

20160102_110726 (Small)

Captain Wells Signing our Book

It was a good thing I read the Daily Programme as the ship had scheduled a speaker meet and greet for 3 PM.  The last time I did this on QM2 a single guest showed up and I don’t think he came for the event.  It was different today – a number of folks came and, while they had trouble recognizing me at first, the chats were interesting and I got some very nice feedback from the guests.  All of the speakers were there and it was a very successful afternoon.

20160102_163407 (Small)20160102_163437 (Small)20160102_163447 (Small)20160102_165202 (Small)

Meeting and Greeting the Guests

Later in the afternoon, we found out that Roger was having a jam session with some other musicians up in the Commodore Lounge (adjacent to the Commodore Room).  I heard we were invited (along with some posh guests) so we went.  There were two other guitarists in the room and the jam session was terrific.  It was like up close magic but with guitars.

20160102_171239 (Small)20160102_171250 (Small)20160102_171259 (Small)20160102_171306 (Small)

Jamming with Roger and Camilla

I took this great picture of the ocean from the Britannia Room during our final dinner on board this cruise.

20160102_ Britannia Dining Room 1 (Small)

Ellen, of course, has got us all packed.  I think we are going to do walk-off tomorrow, which will make things a little easier.

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