Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Partly Cloudy - 65F

Still cool but a nice day at sea.

20160401_at sea (Small)

I was able to get some very nice shots of the sunrise from the veranda

20160401_Veranda toward bow (Small)

Looking Forward

20160401_veranda toward stern (Small)

Looking Aft

Breakfasts in the Lido continue to be terrific and quiet on sea days.  I have a waiter who seeks me out and makes sure I have a nice seat and my decaf waiting.  He also brings me a tea to go for Ellen that accompanies her personal room service breakfast.

It’s a relaxing, book reading morning.

The Lido Buffet lunch has been running themes – Mexican, Asian, etc.  The food has been very good especially the salads (always have garbanzo beans and an excellent Ranch and Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing).  If no entre can be found, we can always get a freshly made pizza from the adjacent Trident Grille. 

Tonight is one of the three “Black Tie Optional” nights and we had a very nice dinner in the Crystal Dining Room (I failed to mention that the Dining Room has two different menus – “Crystal Classics” and “Modern Cuisine” – we have tried items from each menu and they are very good).

We have been passing up dessert in the dining room and getting some coffee and sweets in the Bistro.  The Bistro is not crowded at night and the barista there knows my order (decaf latte) as I walk in.  On this night, he also became an official photographer.  The world map served as an excellent backdrop to a terrific picture.

20160401_Formal Night (Small)

We also stopped in at the “Crystal Society Party” – entertainers are encourage to attend and meet guests.  It was held in the Starlite Lounge and entertainment was provided by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.  If I heard correctly, there is someone on board that has completed 700 plus cruises on Crystal.  I tried to do the math but decided not to.

We had a chance to meet the Bridge Instructor, who told me that she is always teaching her class during my presentations so she watches them on TV.  It seems that my talks and Bridge frequently are scheduled at the same time on many ships.

20160401_ crystal society party 1 (Small)20160401_crystal society party (Small)

The Crystal Society Party

Showtime tonight was “5, 6, 7, 8” – a production show featuring, as you might expect, dancing.  There were also some great vocal numbers and we were close enough to get some pictures of the performance.

20160401_ 5-6-7-8 a (Small)20160401_ 5-6-7-8 b (Small)20160401_ 5-6-7-8 c (Small)20160401_ 5-6-7-8 e (Small)20160401_5-6-7-8 (Small)

“5, 6, 7, 8”

We decided to call it a day.

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