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Monday, December 28, 2015 – Castries, St. Lucia –Sunny – 80s

The beautiful weather continues as we visit the island of St. Lucia and its capital, Castries.  Castries has two cruise ports but today we are at anchor and will be tendering in to the city.  From the QM2, we can see the cruise ships that got priority and were able to dock.

20151228_Castries 1 (Small)20151228_castries 2 (Small)20151228_Castries (Small)

Castries from the Ship

We are both on tour today – “Aerial Tram and Tropical Rainforest”.  We have done a similar tour in Puerto Quepos, Costa Rica, earlier in the year.  First, we have to get to Castries to catch our tour bus so a-tendering we will go.

The tender ride was smooth and scenic and took about 10 minutes from ship to shore.

20151228_on tender to Castries (Small)20151228_tendering (Small)20151228_tendering 1 (Small)20151228_view from tender (Small)20151228_homes castries (Small)

Tendering to Castries

One of the other ships here is the MSC Orchestra (below).

20151228_msc orchestra (Small)

A short bus ride got us to the Aerial Tram Facility – “The Rainforest Experience”.  This was so much like the one in the Costa Rica – a company must run at least two similar facilities.  On the bus over, I met a very interesting young couple – the wife worked for Google R&D (so she knows everything about everyone). 

I sat in the back of the tram with the guide so I had great views throughout the entire ride.

20151228_on the gondola (Small)

Aboard the Gondola

20151228_on our way up (Small)

Heading up the Hillside

20151228_rainforest (Small)

20151228_bromeliad (Small)


20151228_Ficus tree (Small)

A Ficus Tree

20151228_tree fern (Small)

Giant Tree Fern

20151228_fiddleheads on giant tree fern (Small)

Fiddleheads on a Giant Tree Fern

The tree below is a Grommier Tree, the largest in the rain forest.

20151228_gommier tree tallest in rain forest (Small)

We could hear some water flowing and the guide pointed out a river flowing below us down the hillside.

20151228_river below (Small)

A River Runs Underneath Us

20151228_wild nutmeg (Small)20151228_wild nutmeg 1 (Small)

Wild Nutmeg Trees (two above)

Looking carefully, we could see some people on the zip lines.

20151228_ziplines (Small)

Zip Liners

The tram turned around at the top and headed back down. As we did so, we got great views of the hillside and the two oceans that surround St. Lucia.

20151228_heading down (Small)20151228_lush rainforest (Small)20151228_atlantic ocean (Small)

Atlantic Ocean

20151228_caribbean sea (Small)

Caribbean Sea

The bus let us off alongside the stores adjacent to the pier.  We had to walk just a few yards to get to the little shopping mall that leads to the tender pier.  Soon, I was back on the tender and headed back to the ship.

The sail away from St. Lucia provided us with a magnificent sunset.

20151228_sunset (Small)

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