Tuesday, June 21, 2022

May 31, 2022 – San Pedro, CA – Beautiful Day – 70s maybe


Slept OK – woke up in the middle of the night worried about everything and then went back to sleep for a bit.

Ordered a Western Omelet without the ham – it was a little cheesy and rubbery – I do miss my waffles and cottage cheese.  The coffee was really good – we have a single cup coffee maker in the room and it makes great coffee.  

I got in touch with Suzanne at a Cunard Facility in California and we went over what we needed to do to get home.  I have her cell number and she promised to get information and plans and get back to us in a couple of days.

I also spoke to the Walgreens in Harbor City about our meds and she will be working with our Docs and the insurance company to get us what we need.  I set up a delivery account with Walgreens to get our stuff delivered when it becomes available.

Lunch today was a Cesar Salad and another Veggie Burger – Ellen was going to share but one look at the Burger and she opted out.  Just as good as yesterday and the Salad was the best Cesar since we went to that restaurant in Evanston – the pricey pizza restaurant with the marvelous Cesar Salad.  Couldn’t finish either of them.

I have been working on converting my talks to Regent Seven Seas format – a slow process.  By the evening, I had converted all seven talks into the Regent Format. The upside of having a lot of free time on your hands.

For dinner we had the same duo – Cajun Pappardelle and Salmon Picatta.  The pasta was even better tonight because the kitchen used fettuccini noodles – still very spicy but really good.  Ellen donated a chunk of salmon to my dinner.

I eventually got the four prescriptions sent from Illinois to the Walgreens in Harbor City near San Pedro.  I wanted to have them delivered but the addresses I gave them for the hotel wouldn’t work with the FEDEX system Walgreen’s uses.  I’ll have to work on this tomorrow morning.

We watched a few shows on the TV – old friends, “House Hunters” and “House Hunters International”. 

Lights were out at 10:30 PM.  Really tired.

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