Tuesday, June 21, 2022

June 5, 2022 - Day 7 – COVID Isolation San Pedro – Mostly Sunny – mid 70s


Here's where we are relative to this part of Southern California.

Another night of coughing – two doses of cough syrup didn’t much help.  The cough is not bad during the day but at night, whoa.

We tried something different for breakfast – instead of ordering one of the items on the menu, we wrote in pancakes and fried eggs.  And that’s what arrived this morning.  The breakfast was perfect – it came warm and fresh.

We shared a tuna melt for lunch.  The food continues to be good.  The portions are so big that sharing is a good option.

After lunch, we went down to the restaurant patio to sit and read and watch the boats and people.

I took a great panoramic shot of all of the boats in this huge marina.

It was pretty warm and we were on a couch against the building so we were shielded from the constant breeze.  I was down there for over an hour and then I had to go back to the room – Ellen stayed down a little longer.  It was nice being outside.

For dinner, we shared a Cesar Salad and Fettucine Alfredo – I ordered this pasta without peppers but it came with no veggies at all – I really like the mushrooms.  Have to be more specific next time.

The evenings are long because after reading, there is nothing on TV – I am continuing to watch College Softball.

The coughing has been getting better each day.

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