Tuesday, June 21, 2022

June 7, 2022 - Mostly Sunny – mid 70s


Slept well – no coughing – symptoms are almost all gone – just feeling wobbly as would be expected.

I took a final antigen test and this time, the positive line took a while to develop so from a qualitative view, the amount of antigen is decreasing (but still there).  Ellen is negative. While the antigen present might represent non-infectious virus, I am still going to wear a mask for the next few days just to be sure.

Went to the restaurant for breakfast – I had an absolutely terrific Belgian Waffle with Strawberries and Blueberries and coffee.  Ellen had the Avocado Toast and took half of it back to the room.  Our breakfast.

Live now at 10:36 AM.

The weather is great outside, so we are reading on our favorite couches on the restaurant patio.  I should mention that the restaurant staff regularly disinfects the tables. 

Today, we also took a walk to the outskirts of the hotel complex and got a nice look at Cabrillo Beach and another marina completely filled with boats.  

Here's the big picture.

Yet, in all the time we have been here, we haven’t really seen any big boats pull out of their slips.

We had tuna sandwiches for lunch in the 2800 Restaurant – again, I think they bought some tuna just for us (there is no tuna on the menu).  It’s very good.

More reading in the afternoon and just taking in the fresh air. 

Our final dinner in the restaurant consisted of the Cajun Pappardelle (no chicken) for me and the Salmon Piccata for Ellen.  Our last meal was just like our first meal.  The pasta again was wonderful, and Ellen liked her salmon (the salmon was excellent especially since it had capers on top - I love capers). 

We stayed down in the lobby and hung out at the couches in the back.  I am still wearing my mask when I’m near people indoors.

Watched some more HGTV on our TV – still not a lot to see.

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