Tuesday, June 21, 2022

June 4, 2022 – Mostly Sunny – mid 70s


Even with drugs, I was still coughing last night.  Sleep was intermittent.  Any sleep is good sleep.

We both had the scrambled eggs and toast today.  Have to admit that I am getting a bit tired of that for breakfast.  Maybe, something different tomorrow.  Our food delivery guy was about 30 minutes early this morning, so we were barely up when he knocked on the door.

I am now reading a new book in Robert B. Parker’s “Jesse Stone” series – I’ve seen all the TV movies with Tom Selleck (they are wonderful – there just weren’t enough of them made).  “A Stone’s Throw” is the 20th in the series (I read what’s available from the library and sometimes out of order) written by Mike Lupica. I can visualize Tom Selleck saying the dialogue and it feels like the Jesse Stone I’m familiar with.  I also recognized Mike Lupica as a well know sportswriter.  

I started to follow the Women's College Softball World Series – UCLA is still in the mix but Oklahoma is the team to beat.  I like watching the women play because no matter what happens on the field (e.g. homerun or error), there are high fives all round.  They do not take themselves too seriously but they really know how to celebrate.

We both ordered a scoop of tuna on a salad for lunch – the tuna was very good and the salad needed more dressing but no one was hungry afterwards. 

Today is a big day – after rereading the isolation instructions sent from Shoreside Support UK, I had passed through Day 5 post diagnosis and my (our) symptoms had improved; therefore, according to the CDC Guidelines, I could leave the hotel room (not the hotel) and walk about the facility.  Like prisoners being paroled, we donned our masks and headed outside.  

Doubletree Hilton San Pedro
The Sun Feels Good

It was a little chilly out there but it was great to be walking.  I was a bit wobbly but I did manage to stay with Ellen as we checked out the Marina and the office building adjacent to the hotel and then walked back (a fair distance) to the entrance of the Doubletree Hilton.  I felt like I’d climbed a mountain when I got back to the room so my immune system (and all those interleukins) battling COVID are still generating fatigue (and gently reminding me to take it easy) .  Hoping that that will slowly go away in a few days.  The main symptom is still the cough, which we both have.

A lot more reading in the afternoon.

We watched “The Kenny Rogers Farewell Concert” on PBS as a change of pace.

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