Tuesday, June 21, 2022

June 3, 2022 – San Pedro – Fair – mid 70s


Had a cough filled night.  Seems like the cough is the last symptom standing.

I did a rapid antigen test and it lit up so quickly as positive that it scared me (the T line went red as soon as the liquid got to the spot - no 15-minute wait time necessary) – while the reaction was spectacular, I expected a positive result since it is Day 6 since the initial positive result on board.  Some people clear the antigen slowly – a lot of the reactivity might be due to dead or inactive viral debris.  I am still wearing a mask around the hotel even though I've completed the CDC mandated five-day isolation period.

Heard from Shoreside Services in the UK about our flights home.  They are on June 8 not June 7 as the agent originally calculated.  They are on American, but they are late flights getting us home near 11:00 PM.  I got us seats just in time as the plane was nearly full.  I put us in Cabin Extra seats (exit row – middle and window) – there were no aisle across seats of any kind and these were the only two seats together.  Any later and who know what seats we would have had.

Once again, it was scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. 

I am trying to finish “Cheap Shot” and will do so today.  I picked up a non-Spenser Novel from the library.

Instead of Tuna Melts, today, we share a plain tuna sandwich with lettuce and tomato and a Cesar Salad.  I liked the non-melt version better.  Since tuna is not on the 2800 Restaurant menu, I am thinking that the kitchen went out and got some tuna for us.

Read almost the whole day.  Live now at 3:25 PM.

I ordered some COVID fighting items from our neighborhood Walgreens on their website and it was delivered by Door Dash in less than 30 minutes.  It was much easier with these items than with prescriptions.  That’s the first time I have used Door Dash – kind of like Uber for inanimate objects. So now we can battle the dreaded cough. 

Had the wonderful Fettucine Alfredo/Primavera (me) (I liked the sauteed veggies and asked to add that to the pasta) and the Salmon Piccata (ET) for dinner with some cross-sharing going on.  They do make the best pasta here and they cook the noodles perfectly and sauté the peppers, onions, and mushrooms perfectly as well.

We watched Scott renovate some fancy vacation rentals on HGTV and then some more reading.

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