Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 – Civitavecchia, Italy – 80s – Sunny

Quick breakfast and equally quick disembarkation.

Caught the port bus and dragged our wheelies to the train station.  Got our tickets to Rome Termini and arrived in plenty of time to make our connection to the train to Fiumicino Airport.

 Civitavecchia Station (Small)

Glitch:  The credit card that worked so well all along would not work for purchasing a train ticket to the airport using the automated ticket machines.  No ATMs around. The line for the ticket window was enormous so I had to search for a money changing store.  I eventually found a travel agent who would change dollars for Euros so I could buy the tickets.  The rate was terrible – no choice.

We ran to the train (a mile away, literally) and got there with a couple of minutes to spare.  In an hour we were at the airport, found our gate and were pleased to see our plane sitting there.

Flight to LHR ready to go (Small) Rome Climbout (Small)

Climbout from Rome

London Climbout (Small)

Climbout from Heathrow

Blue Skies (Small)

Above the clouds and on our way

Sunset over Atlantic (Small)

Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean

The most exciting part of the flight was the passing of two jets in front of us (yes, in front of us) and our plane passing through their contrails.  I was able to get a photo of one of these flybys. Look closely and you can see the other plane right at the horizon.

Jet Contrail crosses our path (Small)

A pretty nice flight and soon we were back in the Chicago.  A weary cab ride home and we were at the complex. The front security gate didn’t work and Ellen had to walk up the hill to the house and open the gate via phone – not the way we had scripted it.

Good to be home…

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