Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 – Corfu, Greece – 70s – Partly Cloudy

Distance from Katakolon to Corfu: 152 Nautical Miles

Back in Corfu again…this time we are going to check out Corfu Town (we are not on tour today).

Corfu is the second largest island of the seven Ionian Sea Islands.

The Port has a shuttle from the ship to the terminal and Azamara is providing a shuttle from the terminal to Esplanade Square. The square is across the street from one of the two Fortress in Corfu Town (below). This fortress is the Old Fortress started during the Byzantine period. The fortress closer to the port is the New Fortress started in the mid 16th century.

Corfu fortress (Small)

Old Fortress

The walk through the town reveals interesting architecture, damaged buildings, and a statue of Costas Geogakis, student martyr and hero (for Greek Independence).

Corfu Bell Tower (Small) Runs in Corfu (Small)

Contemporary Statue Corfu (Small)

Costas Geogakis

We also found a sign that indicated “Synagogue” so we followed it and additional signs to a back street with a yellow building – the Synagogue.

Synagogue in Corfu (Small)

The Synagogue in Corfu

Shul in Corfu (Small)

Synagogue Entrance

The synagogue was closed. Ellen spoke to someone in a nearby shop who said he would call and someone would come and show us around.

We came back a bit later and there was a woman who showed us around the shul, told us that the shul held high holiday services only. She also said that they had been vandalized recently.

Bima in Corfu (Small)


Lulav in Corful Shul (Small)

Lulav on Display

Mezzusah in Shul Corfu (Small)


Succah in Corfu (Small)

Succah attached to Shul

Vandalized School Building in Shul Corfu (Small)

Vandalized School Building

We left a donation with the woman and set out for the shuttle drop point. Soon we were back on the pier.

Ellen in Corfu (Small)

Ellen at Pier with Corfu Town in background

Quest in Corfu (Small)

The Quest docked in Corfu

An interesting day in Corfu…

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