Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011 – At Sea – Mediterranean Sea – Cloudy and Rainy – 60s

A not so great day at sea…

On my way to breakfast, I spotted the note below outside one of the cabins.  It asks anyone walking by to knock on the door and wake up the occupants.  It could be a nasty prank…but funny.

Alternate Wake Up System (Small)

The ship is still moving through a seemingly endless group of Greek Islands (below). 

At Sea 9-19 (Small)

It is also a good day to head up to the Observation Deck to Kindle and read or just relax.

Relaxing 9-19 (Small) Top of the Crown 9-19 (Small)

Although it is cool outside (but clearing up), some folks are still game for walking the decks and hanging out around the pool.

Crisp Day 9-19 (Small)

My real last talk, “The Mysteries of the Romanovs”, is well attended (full house – 150).  We also had a chance to meet the Destination Speaker, who attended the final talk.  The talk got off to a bit of a late start because the Cooking Competition ran a bit late.  The Romanov talk is one of the shorter ones and I was able to still finish on time.  I think all of the talks went well and the venue was just perfect for this audience.

Tomorrow: Disembarkation

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