Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011 – At Sea – Sunny – Mid 60s

A nice day at sea…

   Sea Day 10-29 (Small)

Today is my first talk during a sea day (the only sea day on the cruise).  The talk was scheduled for 11:30 AM and was advertised nicely in the Pursuits Program.  Still only about 20 people showed up to hear the “Mystery of the Romanovs”. 

Talk 3 (Small)

Mystery of the Romanovs – Mystery of the missing Attendees

Ellen had gotten an invite to be a model for the acupuncturist on board.  How do you actually model for this?   I wonder if the treatments will work.

The 8:00 PM show tonight featured Robyn Sears in concert.  She was very good and had a pretty good audience.

Robyn Sears in Concert (Small)

Robyn Sears in Concert 1 (Small)

Robyn Sears in Concert (Looking Glass Lounge)

We passed on the 9:45 PM show and tried to get to sleep a little earlier tonight.  We intend to go into Jerusalem tomorrow to meet up with relatives.

At 11:52 PM…we were awakened by a long blast on the alarm system and, at first, I thought we were going to abandon ship.  Then the captain came on and indicated that Ashdod had been shelled by rockets from Gaza and the port had been closed to cruise ships.  We would, instead, go to Haifa and stay there for three days.

Our plans would change…

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