Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011 – Split, Croatia – Sunny – High 50s

Distance from Dubrovnik to Split: 130 Nautical Miles

A nice day in Split…

Split – not “Spleet” or “Shpleet” – but split.

Split is the second largest city in Croatia with a metro population of 410,000 people.

We are both on tour today - “Highlights of Split Riviera” and my guide is Levanka.  We depart the pier and head for the picturesque town of Trogir.

 On Tour Split (Small)

Leaving Split – Headed for Trogir

Self Portrait on tour Split (Small)

I took this picture

Trogir is situation on an island and is reached by a short bridge on foot from the bus stop.

Trogir (Small)

Trogir shore

Trogir City Gate (Small)

The gate to Trogir – looking back

Trogir has a very nice main square, with coffee shops and its main attraction, the Cathedral of St. Lawrence.  The Cathedral dates from the 13th Century.

Trogir Main Square - free Wifi (Small)

Main-Square - Trogir

Cathedral of St Lawrence - 13th century (Small)

Cathedral of St. Lawrence

At the entrance of the Cathedral, among a host of ornate columns, and reliefs, are statues of Adam and Eve.  The sculptor had a sense of humor because he gave the first humans navels.  Can you spot the bellybutton on Adam below.

 Statue of Adam - Cathedral - Navel (Small)

The town hall has a relief of a man on a horse.  The sculpture also did the two sculptures that sit at the entrance of Grant Park in Chicago – small world.

Statue - Town Square - Artist also did statues in Grant Park (Small)

His work is also in Chicago

UNESCO Site (Small)

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Plaque

The gate to Trogir also has a UNESCO logo but it is in neon (below)

Trogir Unesco Gate - Neon Sign (Small) Ellen on Trogir Bridge (Small)

Ellen at the Trogir Bridge

Trigor Gate 1 (Small)

Main Gate of Trogir

We had a little free time in Trogir for people to try the coffee shops and shop.  I was able to get free WiFi and check on e-mail.

From Trogir we travel to the “Pantan” Old Mill for a snack of local goodies.

Pantan Restaurant (Small)

The Pantan Mill

Entertainment at Pantans (Small)

The Entertainment

The snack included either ham sandwiches or cheese sandwiches and either white or red wine.  I really liked the cheese (tasted like Mozzarella) but I really really liked the bread.  Both types of wine were good.

Chowing Down at Pantans (Small)

Chowing down at Pantan Mill

Waterfall at Pantans (Small)

Waterfall and Greenhouses

Our final stop was back in Split for a walking tour of the Diocletian Palace.  The Emperor Diocletian built this palace back in the 4th century – he also abdicated his throne at the age of 82 (according to the guide).  His mausoleum is now a cathedral.

Diocletians Roman Palace (Small)

The Palace of Diocletian

The Main Street - Rika in Split (Small)

The main street – The Rika

The Rika in Split really reminded me of Southern California – palm trees, water, and blue skies (see picture below).

Pedestrians on the Rika (Small)

We entered the Palace and found a number of shops in the lower level.

Shops in the Palace (Small)

Palace Shops

Mosaic in Palace (Small)


The Cathedral of St. Duje is built inside the remains of the mausoleum of Diocletian (below)

Cathedral of Split - Once Mausoleum of Diocletian (Small) 


The Peristyle Area (Small)

The Peristyle

The Cardo (Small)

The Cardo (Pedestrian Walkway)

After leaving the Palace, we walked through the narrow streets of Old Split.  The guide pointed out the Jewish area including the locked up Synagogue.

Synagogue of Split - Closed (Small) The Jewish Area of Split (Small)

Synagogue (above) and Jewish Street (below)

Square with Shops (Small)

Square with Shops

Statue of Marko Marulic in Split (Small)

Statue of Marko Marulic

The tour ended at the entrance to the Palace.  I met up with Ellen and we checked out the flea market.  After some “walk away” negotiating, I bought a nice cap for 6 Euros.  The walk to the ship took about 10 minutes. 

We spent a little time on the deck, where we caught a great sunset.

Sunset in Split 1 (Small)

The Sail Away was very nice…

Split Sailaway (Small)

My final talk: “Forensic Detectives: The Life and Death of King Tutankhamen” is at 7:30 PM.  I finished up with 26 enthusiastic attendees.  I think that a lot of people are still watching the shows on television.

We caught Tony’s Concert Show again.

Tomorrow, we are back in Italy – Ravenna.

Pedometer: 5662 steps; 2.68 miles; 277 Calories

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