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Saturday, September 17, 2011 – At Sea – Mediterranean Sea – 80s - Sunny

Another relaxing day at sea…

Our favorite spot on the open deck turned out to be toward the bow – an area that no one seemed to know about.  Quiet and, or course, no smoking.

 At Sea 9-17 Relaxing (Small) H and E At Sea 9-17 (Small)

Today is my third and final talk, “Cold Cases Solved”.  The presentation drew pretty much a full house (about 150 attendees).  It’s the longest of the talks but I did manage to get it done in the required 50 minutes without going to warp speed.  I think the audience liked this talk.

Final Talk (Small)

Final Talk: “Cold Cases Solved”

Applause Applause (Small)

Applause, Applause

We spent the rest of the afternoon out on the open deck as the ship made its way through several picturesque Greek Islands.  A combination of open sea and geographical wonders.

Beautiful Greek Island (Small) 

Greek Island (Inhabited) 

   H and E Greek Island (Small) E and Greek Island (Small) Greek Island At Sea (Small)

Ship Traffic in the Mediterranean

Although it took us almost the whole cruise, we did discover the “Peek-a-boo” Bridge.  This is a window that look down on the bridge so you can see how this big ship is run.  It looks like it might run itself.

Who is steering the ship (Small)

The Peek-a-boo Bridge Window

The show tonight was an eclectic mix of music and dancing.  My favorite set was devoted to John Williams and featured his theme from “Superman”.  The set for this musical interlude was great especially the iconic “S”. 

Hey its Superman (Small) 

Showtime 9-17 (Small)

Following the show, we went to watch the “70s Show”, something the Voyager Class Ships hold in the Royal Promenade.  Singers and Dancers perform on the bridge spanning the Promenade.  Ellen watched some of the show from the balcony and I took the shots from the packed floor.

70s party and E (Small) E and 70s party (Small) 

70s party in Promenade (Small)

70s nite (Small)

Packed Promenade Floor

Celebrity Singers 70s nite 1 (Small)

Celebrity Singers 70s nite (Small)

RCL Singers do their thing

Village People 70s nite (Small)

Obligatory Number by the “Village People”

Tomorrow we are in Malta.  We were supposed to go to Naples (no pizza again this trip) but the port was overbooked.

Seas are calm

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