Sunday, March 21, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 72F – Partly Cloudy

We are back in Ft. Lauderdale – it is much nicer today than the day we left.  The sun is out and bright and much warmer than 11 days ago.  The process for re-boarding is pretty simple.  At 10:30 AM we met in the Bistro (where they served complimentary chocolate crepes).  Then the foreign liaison took the 26 returning passengers through immigration and then back on board to get new cards.  Quick and easy.

Back at Ft Lauderdale (Small)

A bright and sunny Ft. Lauderdale 

 Sailaway 2 Ft Lauderdale (Small) 

Sail Away Number 2

Once again, we are on our way – this time to the Western Caribbean plus or “Grand Caribbean Cruise”.

Again, we worked with the Maitre D’ to get a table for two in the Dining Room.  We eventually were assigned a pretty nice table – sort of quiet and with a view of the water.  Knowing this would be our table for the rest of the cruise was a relief.  We also have a very nice and attentive waiter, Ulas, from Turkey.  I believe this will work out well.  We are eager to see whether the menus will be same on this cruise.

We attended the Welcome Aboard again – the singers and dancers performed as well as “These Guys”. 

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