Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 – Brooklyn, NY – Chilly 60s

A sunny and mild day in New York.

After a good breakfast in the King’s Court, we stayed in our room until our appointed time to disembark.

We found our bags easily in the terminal and going through Immigration was pretty quick considering the number of passengers on QM2.

We purchased two transfers to LGA – reasonable price compared to cabs and shuttles.  We found our coach out in front and the wait to leave was much shorter than usual (all of the folks got on the bus on time).  We were told that LGA was under major construction and maneuvering around the airport would be tedious.  The information was correct – LGA was all torn up.  We weren’t concerned because our flight – AA303 - had a 2:30 PM departure time.

We found our gate, which was just a few steps away from the United Club, where we would be hanging out until our flight.  Lots of snacks and some real food as well.  We found two lounge seats in the “Quiet Zone” (we had to get one of the staff to silence a cell phone user).

IMG_20180103_Terminal B Admirals Club (1)

IMG_20180103_view from Admirals Club (1)

View from the United Club

Our flight boarded on time and took off on time.  The flight was pretty uneventful and we had food (courtesy of Cunard).

We got into Chicago around 4:30 PM and soon we were home.

Even though the itinerary had been scrambled due to Hurricanes and my voice did not survive the whole trip, it was still an enjoyable cruise.

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