Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018 – HAPPY NEW YEAR – At Sea (Atlantic Ocean) – Sunny – 70s

I’ve got the whole morning open today as my talk today is at 3:30 PM.

After breakfast, I checked in on Derek Fraser’s talk and he had very few people about 25 minutes prior to start (3 exactly) so my expectations are low.  Are people tired from New Year’s Eve or is this not a good day for lectures.

I had another veggie burger for lunch (again taken down to the king’s Court). 

From Deck 7, I captured the day at sea.

IMG_20180101_At sea aft

View Aft (Port Side)

IMG_20180101_at sea forward

View Forward (Port Side)

Ellen and I took a walk around the decks and got some additional pictures.

IMG_20180101_view deck 11 aft

View from Aft Deck 11

We also went up to the Commodore Club Deck 9 to get in some reading and I got this nice shot of the ship cutting through the waves.

IMG_20180101_view from Commodore Club

My third talk – “Extreme Forensics: Non-Human DNA Testing” was at 3:30 PM in Illuminations.  The turnout dropped off but was OK based on the general lecture attendance - more than half of the theater was filled. The talk went OK and finished at the 45 minute mark.

Before we went to dinner, I captured some “Magic Moments”.

IMG_20180101_almost sunsetIMG_20180101_at sea sunset

Atlantic Ocean Sunset

We had dinner in the Italian Nook – Cesar Salad and Pasta Carbonara (no ham) – I tried the Pasta Oglio but it was loaded with red pepper flakes and too hot to eat.  Dinners in the little Italian Eatery continue to be the best food on the ship.

Headliners tonight are a Four Seasons Tribute Group “Walk Like a Man” from the UK. The choreography was OK but the singing and the NJ shtick fell short, especially the falsetto of the “Frankie Valli” character.

My throat has been getting more sore so we went back to the room. I finished “Dinner at the Center of the Earth” – I didn’t like the ending (which Ellen had to explain to me) but the historical fiction part of the book was interesting.

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