Friday, May 11, 2018

January 27, 2018 – Philipsburg, St. Maarten – Netherland Antilles – Partly Cloudy – 79F

Distance from Port Everglades to Philipsburg: 1069 Nautical Miles – average speed 18.4 knots

Not a lot of sleep for me.

Breakfast shakeup in the Horizon Court – all out of cottage cheese. I instead had a scrambled omelet with tomatoes, onions, and cheese along with two chocolate chip pancakes. Pretty good.

IMG_20180127_Philipsburg from 5714

View From 5714

We are the only ship here today – in a port that sometimes has eight ships docked (including the super ships of RCL).

IMG_20180127_only ship here today

It’s Just Us Today

The Island Princess seems a little lonely out there all by herself. She is not totally alone because alongside is the Eclipse, the second most expensive private yacht – owned by a Russian Oligarch carrying a price tag of about $8 Billion dollars (or so we were told).

No tour today – we are going to walk around Philipsburg to see what the two hurricanes, Maria and Irma did to this island in September.

The pier area looks pretty much the same – there are a few vendors out.  One of the buildings is gone (now an empty lot).  St. Maarten, like a lot of places in Mexico and the Caribbean, now has a colorful sign to remind you where you are.

  IMG_20180127_we here 1

We walked through the pier complex where I was able to get some very nice pictures of the ship (the super yacht is in the background)

IMG_20180127_Island Princess and Eclipse super yachtIMG_20180127_Island Princess Philipsburg

and out to the back, where we are going to take a cab to town. 

The fair was $5 for the two of us.  Along the way, we could see debris and items strewn about – no doubt from the storms.  Front Street, which is the main street, had some shops open – mostly the Diamonds International type of stores, although some clothing stores were also open.

IMG_20180127_Front Street

Front Street

While the streets were mostly deserted – people and cars, there was also some repair work underway. The EFFY sign was being repainted to put that store back in shape.

There were just a few people on the beach – from the beach I could see the hills on both sides of the city. The hurricane had defoliated these hills but a lot of the greenery had started growing back.

IMG_20180127_Philipsburg opposite directionIMG_20180127_Philipsburg

The local markets and shops behind Front Street had a lot of activity so the locals are trying to bring some normalcy back to St. Maarten.

We were back on the ship for a late lunch, which is turning out to be a salad from the buffet and a slice of pizza from the pizzeria.

We had dinner up in the buffet as well – tonight the salmon and mushroom quiche were very good.

We went to the theater early to get seats for Lovena’s Second Show – “Eyes of Broadway”. We’ve seen this show before but I was hoping for a song from “Ragtime”. She did add some new songs at the end from “On on Your Feet”. She was good but had trouble being heard over the band.

IMG_20180127_get on your feetIMG_20180127_Lovena Fox Get on your feet

We have tours tomorrow in Martinique so we need some sleep.

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