Wednesday, May 23, 2018

February 3-4, 2018 – At Sea – Going Down to Rio

February 3, 2018 – At Sea – Chance of Showers – 79F

IMG_20180203_At Sea

Today’s presentation at 1:30 Princess Theater – “Genetic Eyewitness” – drew an audience just short of 500 passengers. The description in the Patter was a little confusing and that may have affected attendance – who knows?

Pre-ordered kosher meals (airline type) for tonight – Salisbury Steak and potato fritters was pretty good but the rest of the meals (brisket and some kind of chicken roulade not so much)/  All briskets are compared to Ellen’s wonderful dish – no competition.

Showtime tonight featured “Motor City” - left a little early – too loud for us.  We have yet to see this show in its entirety. 

February 4, 2018 – At Sea – Chance of Showers – 79F

After another nice breakfast, I went over my next talk over an iced mocha latte.  There has been an ongoing confusion over the size of the latte I ordered and whether is was hot or iced but it is being sorted out.

My 11:30 AM presentation – “Search for the Unknown Titanic Child” – drew a Full House (a handful of seats here and there)

IMG_20180204_Unknown Titanic Child 1IMG_20180204_Unknown Titanic Child 5IMG_20180204_Unknown Titanic Child 7

Unknown Titanic Child

2:00 PM – Crossing the Equator – we actually crossed the equator at 4 in the morning but the official celebration is at a more reasonable time. It looked like the same show we saw the last time we did this on the Golden Princess.

IMG_20180204_Equator Crossing party 1IMG_20180204_Equator Crossing party

King Neptune and the Crossing of the Equator Fest

Entertainer – Salvatore Hasard – multi-instrumentalist and singer – just saw him on the Crystal Serenity so we decided on quiet time this evening. (Salvatore is a nice guy – we chatted with him in the Entertainment Wing – I didn’t recognize him because on the Serenity we sat in the way back).

Finished “Moscow Rules” – good book but did not give me the boom boom ending I wanted. Started Tess Gerritsen’s “Playing With Fire” – a non Rizolli and Isles book.

Also spent some time with Arny Galoyo up in the Schooner Bar.


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